7 Ways to Sell More During Peak Periods


7 Ways to Sell More During Peak Periods

Peak periods in your business are usually known well in advance so before you put any of the following ideas into action, sit down and work out the dates of your peak periods and make this known to your team.  

One way you could do this is to put a calendar up in the staff room and highlight the possible busy periods and next to this put a positive spin on peak periods.

For example – “Your day will fly, and you will get more for doing more.” 

And right now, you are probably thinking, “What is this ‘more’ you speak of Cate? Surely, you’re not suggesting I pay my staff more money?”

No, absolutely not. If you did, it could create a culture of employees ‘stepping up’ only when there is more money on the table. You want a culture of people motivated to provide excellent service all day every day but peak periods do require an increase in focus and effort and no employees like to be taken for granted or have their focus and effort ignored.

Peak periods often mean more work, more problems and less time to de-brief and de-stress. Peak periods can also mean impatient and less tolerant customers and dealing with this can leave a team feeling less than bright and smiley.

Give your team everything they need to not only survive but thrive in peak periods.

To get you started here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Encourage problem identification.

Before the peak periods, ask the team to list the things that may be a problem, i.e. grumpy customers, stock shortages, increased phone calls or email contact, untidy office and customer areas.

2. Solve those problems as a team.

Get everyone involved in generating ideas to overcome or minimise those potential problems.

3. Think like your customers.

What could make their waiting less stressful, i.e. water, seats, music, current magazines, charging stations, lollypops? Do what you can.

4. Prepare your customers.

Courtesy call or email your regular customers to offer best times to call or visit, take their order early, thank them for their understanding.

5. Record the mistakes and best practices.

Take note during the peak periods and use these as examples of what to do and what not to do, for the next peak period.

6. Prepare a ‘break area’ for your team.

Provide snacks, special tea and coffee, hot packs, massages, jigsaw puzzles, lunch, bean bags, books, music.

7. Survey your customers.

Ask them what would make the peak periods better for them? But make sure you give them something in return for their insights, i.e. discount, free item, small gift. Customers are more likely to share their insights if they get something in return; it’s simply good business.

Peak periods are usually before, after or during public holidays and depending on the type of business you run; they can be the times when you make the most money. If you don’t have regular peak periods why not consider making some. Yes, create your own peak period and have the best problem in the world; staff tired from selling and customers waiting to be served.

In my book, I have a chapter that discusses juggling which is a great help for peak periods such as Christmas as is my chapter on selling without feeling pushy and each chapter has an action to complete at the end.

Create yourself a team of customer service professionals for the coming peak period. If you would like to know more, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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