7 Ways to Do a Killer Acceptance Speech.


7 Ways to Do a Killer Acceptance Speech.

Make the most of your time on stage with a killer acceptance speech.

Business awards are a cool tool to use to help build credibility and authority in your marketplace. There is something about doing business with winners that is alluring. While heading home with your new sparkly trophy in hand is a buzz, don’t neglect to leverage the process as much as you can.

This means telling people you have entered and leveraging the process to build interest around what you do. You can do this by writing blogs and articles, doing Facebook Lives and sharing your news with your community. There are many aspects of the awards process you can leverage, and one of those is the acceptance speech. When you win, you get from 30 seconds to two minutes to accept your award.

Often, the event is photographed, live streamed and recorded, giving you access to some powerful content that can keep on giving long past the awards evening.

We can all agree that there is nothing more nerve wracking than waiting for your name to be called . However, you will perform better if you have given some thought to what you want to say and how.

Here are seven tips to help you deliver a killer acceptance speech.

1. Be prepared.

Ok, you may not win but put a little time into what you would like to say. This is your opportunity to make an impact, to get a message across.

2. It’s about you.

While it is great (and right to thank those that helped you), you’re on stage because YOU did the work. You made it happen. Don’t spend too long thanking the Academy and all and sundry. We do this because it is hard to talk about ourselves, but if you focus on sharing your vision, or a lesson you learnt or your journey to standing where you are, people connect and listen. 

3. Make a statement. The stage is yours.

Do you have a powerful message to share? Do you have some important points to make? This is your chance. Instead of spending too much time on thanking everyone, use your time to get your message across.

4. ‘Don’t say “I didn’t expect to win”.

Really, you didn’t expect to win? Then why did you enter? This comes from a place of humility and humbleness, but you entered an award to shine the light on your achievements. It is totally ok to brag and to EXPECT to win.

5. Waffle – see point 1.

If you write something down and practice a few times to get your timing right, you honour the audience and the other finalists. Talking over your allotted time is disrespectful (I know you are excited – see point 1 to help with this).

6. Have a plan for after.

I have spoken to many who’ve won awards, and they have no idea what to do next. Many awards provide a media release template you can use. Share on social media. Send an email to your list. The key word is leverage. Awards are something that can keep on giving, so having a strategy will assist you in making the most of it. Awards are not just for you; they provide credibility. PR is all about perception; the more people know, like and trust you, the more they want to do business with you.

7. If you don’t win.

If you don’t win, repurpose your award speech and do a Facebook LIVE.

You get one chance to make an impact. Leaving what you say up to chance is not a good move.  The power of a good acceptance speech comes from not winging it.

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