7 Ways to Boost Your Credibility and Authority as A Thought Leader


7 Ways to Boost Your Credibility and Authority as A Thought Leader

Are you struggling to get known for what you do? Want to become a Thought Leader in your niche?

Here are 7 ways to boost your credibility and authority:

1. Develop your own unique methodology, system or process

Create and develop something that you stand for and are known for. This is your opportunity to create a legacy. A body of work that outlives you and continues to serve beyond your years on this earth. Now I don’t want to overwhelm you, you don’t have to redesign the Internet. What you do need is a simple methodology that connects with people and lasts across the years. It’s the sharp ideas, beautifully positioned to the right audience that will get the message across and make a real difference.

Dare to put the complex web of your thoughts and brilliance into a clear and concise framework and you will reach more people. Your contribution will be magnified and your expertise leveraged. My framework is the 7 Stages of Course Creation. Steven Covey’s is the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. What’s yours?

This step is crucial. If you nail this step, the next 6 tips are much easier.

2. Write a book

A book is a great way to show you have nailed your area of expertise. If you want to boost your thought leader cred, don’t leave writing a book until the end of your career. Get your unique methodology, system or process down into a book. Now.

And if you’ve developed your own unique methodology, system or process, writing a book becomes easy.

I wrote the first draft of my book in 3 days. Yes, you heard me. 3 days. How? I already had my framework and methodology clear. I already had experience delivering my unique methodology to clients. So, when it came to the crunch, I had to simply write my 7 Stages of Course Creation out in full.

(I must confess – I was on a book writing retreat without my kids, and with people making me food and bringing me cups of tea, making the whole write a book in 3-days thing much more do-able.)

3. Get media coverage

Armed with your unique methodology, system or process and your book, it becomes a hell of a lot easier to break into traditional media. Traditional media coverage, such as newspapers, magazines and radio, is a great way to establish credibility. If you can put “As seen on” on your marketing material, that gives you credibility and builds trust. It’s also great free marketing.

4. Get digital PR

It’s pretty much a given that you will be creating content as a thought leader these days. As well as distributing this content via your own website and social media platforms, expand your reach as a guest contributor. Write guest blogs, do podcast interviews, apply to become a contributor on a larger site where your message will really resonate.

5. Hit the stage

Develop a catalogue of speaking and workshop topics that you can deliver and start pitching. Add “speaker” to your social media profiles, website and business cards. Create videos to show people what kind of speaker you are. Consider offering speaking topics that speak directly to your ideal client and perhaps one or two that have broader appeal. For example, when speaking to coaches and thought leaders I might talk about “Your Passion is Not Enough – 7 Stages to Leverage Your Expertise”. For broader appeal, I speak about “Why work-life balance is complete B.S!”

6. Become a mastermind group facilitator

Facilitating in your niche is a great way to expand your skills and your networks. Whether you facilitate a free or paid mastermind, online or offline, facilitation will help you refine and hone your message. I facilitate a Facebook group and an in person monthly event.

7. Own your zone of genius

Some things are not within our zone of genius. You need to have the wisdom to know when something is an opportunity for personal growth or an opportunity to outsource.

Those are my 7 ways to boost your credibility and authority as a thought leader.

Which are you going to work on?

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  • Sharon Chisholm

    BRILLIANT Renee. Thank you for such a great article and one that’s very timely for me. I’m not doing too badly on 3, 4, 5 and 7, but need to do some work on the others.

    • Renee Hasseldine

      Well that’s more than most Sharon! Congratulations. Number 1 is the one I get most excited about.

  • Ben Dillon

    Great article Renee. I never thought about writing a book, but I just think you’ve inspired me to start planning.

    • Renee Hasseldine

      Thanks Ben. Have you done #1 yet? Knowing what your own unuque methodology is before you write a book makes things so much easier.

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