6 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients and Show You Care


6 Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients and Show You Care

It is important to have strategies in place to regularly keep in touch with your clients and show them you care.

Fact: You lose 10% of influence with your clients every month you don’t get in touch with them. So, after ten months, you may be largely forgotten if you don’t connect with your clients.

Another fact: The biggest reason clients will leave a company is perceived indifference. That means they leave because they don’t feel valued.

So, let’s dive right in and talk about 6 different ways you can stay top of mind with clients:

1. Social media.

Social media is here to stay. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are channel types that most businesses will need to use to stay in touch with clients. Many businesses use these channels to engage and build relationships and trust with clients. Posting pertinent pictures, videos and captions and/or some brief commentary can help you communicate who you are, what you stand for, reaffirm interests and values you share with your clients, and provide information on your business offerings. Regularly posting within private or public groups can be a good way to stay top of mind with clients but content is king and needs to be well targeted to your clients’ interests and needs.

2. Blogging.

Blogging from a website or adding notes to Facebook pages or articles in LinkedIn works in a similar way to social media but usually means that you can provide more in-depth information that can showcase your thoughts, expertise, information and tips. Because you have more space to communicate, this channel may be used to educate your clients at a more in-depth level which may, in turn, make it easier to build that ‘know, like and trust’ with clients a little quicker.

3. Emails.

Emails like blogs allow you space to include a fair amount of information about yourself, your business, your expertise and helpful hints and tips. Emails can appear more personal than blogs or social media posts if you are using automation software that enables you to personalise the email with your target reader’s name or if you send the emails out individually. Many businesses put together newsletters and send those out at regular intervals during the year for instance monthly or quarterly. This can be a great way of connecting with clients. One word of warning though, your clients may miss your emails if they get a lot coming in daily or if your email is categorised as spam or junk mail and is stopped from coming through by your client’s spam filter.

4. Card and gifting.

Cards and gifting is another way of staying top of mind with clients. This method can be electronic (eCards and eGifts) or tangible involving real cards. They can be automatically printed and posted for you or hand delivered. The card or gift that is real, tangible, meaningful, and uplifting (such as a highly personalised card personally addressed, with carefully selected photos and heartfelt message, personal handwriting and signature and carefully selected gift) is probably the most personal and meaningful ways of connecting with clients and making a lasting impression.

The longevity and power of this form of communication will often surpass other communication channels discussed earlier. People will keep these cards and gifts (unless edible), display them at work or at home and be reminded of you every time they look at them. What a wonderful way to stay top of mind with your clients.

5. The phone call, video chat, Facebook Live or video clip.

Don’t forget the phone call as a communication tool. In this day and age of social media, we often forget that the phone call can be a very personal and impactful way of engaging with clients. There are also various video chat options such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live or YouTube video to choose from if we want to talk live with clients, use two-way communication or include audio or audio and visual rich communication.

This form of contact doesn’t always work. We all have experienced the phone tagging and spending a lot of time leaving messages. When you do get through, however, it has the potential to deliver a very rich source of information sharing and opportunity for relationship building.

6. Events.

The last way of staying top of mind is to invite your clients to events. This could be an annual Christmas party, end of financial year lunch, BBQ or cocktail affair. It could also be an adventure trip, a weekend away or complimentary skill-building activity, networking event or show. The difference between events and gifting is that you can be with your client, experiencing the event, which offers great opportunities to solidify or build relationships. The memories you gather and photos you can take away from these experiences can resonate for quite some time. Even more so if you share the photos and stories in cards, social media or online messaging.

Which methods to choose?

There are so many different ways to connect with clients. This makes it tricky to decide which methods to use and when. I am a firm believer that it is best to use a variety of channels, for instance using some online and some offline, and some more personalised methods combined with more generic, group focussed approaches.

I would also advise to cater to your target audience with your choices. You might consider how your clients prefer to engage with you and how frequently they would like to receive information from you. You could ask for their preferences and personalise your approach for different clients. Budget and time considerations will also need to be considered in your choices.

Whatever combination of channels you use, contact should be regular (as often as monthly in many industries) targeted to your clients’ needs and interests, provide value, show respect and appreciation. This way you will stay top of mind and grow loyal clients for the long term.

I would love to know your thoughts on the ideas I have shared here. Shoot me a comment below.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Thanks for this great article, Christina! I really enjoyed your practical tips on staying top of mind. I especially love live events (I have a couple of Meetup groups), but I also have my own highly engaged Facebook group, regular emails, social posts and a podcast! Hopefully I am top of mind for a lot of people!

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