6 Ways To Achieve Higher Converting Ads And Get Better Results


6 Ways To Achieve Higher Converting Ads And Get Better Results

Every website needs traffic. But traffic is not the goal. The issue is a click without a conversion is not only a wasted opportunity, it is a huge waste of money. See, traffic is not the objective. Conversions are. Obviously traffic is important because the more traffic, the more conversions, but only if you have a good conversion rate.

Too often I find advertisers boasting about how successful their ad campaigns were based on how many clicks, i.e. traffic, they generated. On the other hand I find frustrated business owners who see the clicks but not any real results. They can’t understand why their advertising ‘success’ doesn’t translate into actual business results.

A case study

Let’s look at a real example. A friend asked me to review their Facebook Ads campaign because they weren’t seeing any real results. The campaign generated a lot of clicks to their website but nobody was taking action. The clicks weren’t being converted.

Reviewing the campaign I could see the problem wasn’t in the ad campaign at all. In fact it was excellent. The issue was that they were driving traffic to a website that wasn’t ready for traffic.

What went wrong? While the ad campaign itself was great and the ads were performing well, the ad destination wasn’t up to the same standard. The traffic put on the brakes when it reached the site because the site wasn’t ready.

Before advertising anywhere, follow these 6 tips to ensure your website is ready for the traffic.

1. Define how you will measure success

Firstly decide what you want people to do after they click on your ad. The desired conversion will be different for every business and you need to think about what you want people to do, remembering the sale may not actually be your desired conversion. I rarely try to directly sell something from an ad. My aim is to start the conversation with them – then nurture them to a sale. This may seem like a wasted opportunity to some, but I assure you it’s not. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, do you?

A conversion for you may be an opt in for your lead magnet, a potential customer registering for a free quote or booking a time for an initial consultation with you.

2. Have a specific landing page

Instead of sending people to your home page where there may be several messages competing for your audience’s attention, send them to a page that has a single and clear message. Make sure your landing page flows on from your ads and continues on with the same conversation.

3. Make it easy for people to convert

Don’t make it hard for people to know what you want them to do. Have a single concise message and make sure the call-to-action is prominent and one that users can not miss.

4. Know your audience

Know who you are talking to, what they want and what they are looking for. Your landing page needs to speak to them, appeal to them and be all about them.

5. Put your best foot forward

You have a few seconds to make a good impression. And yes, looks are important. Ensure your landing page is clean, compelling and has the same look and feel as all your other branding touchpoints. Having a responsive landing page is non-negotiable.

6. Test, measure and improve

The beauty about digital campaigns is that they can (and should) be measured with up-to-the-minute stats and analytics. So you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not. And a website is not a tattoo, so as soon as you know what needs improving, changes can be made in real time. Aim for never ending improvement and optimisation.

All the traffic in the world won’t do anything for your business if your website isn’t ready. No matter how good your ads are, you don’t want to promise a shiny Five-Star destination but find a Three-Star attraction in need of repairs at the end of the click highway. So before turning on the traffic tap, get traffic ready.

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  • Rosemary

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, here, about having a website that supports the actions you would like your readers to take. A great reminder. Thank you,

    • Megan Winter

      Thanks Rosemary. I’m so happy you found it useful.

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