5 Ways to Turn Online Content into Successful Old School Marketing


5 Ways to Turn Online Content into Successful Old School Marketing

The overwhelming focus in marketing these days seems to be digital. Online and social media get all the attention, and they should definitely be a key focus for Small Business owners, but in the rush to use digital many businesses have forgotten the tried and tested benefits of Old School marketing.

By repurposing the online content you’ve already created, you can readily create gifts and information products that have a very high perceived value. Everyone knows it takes more time and effort to produce a printed product. That’s appreciated. It’s unlikely your competitors are doing it, so you’ll instantly differentiate your business in a tangible way.

All marketing platforms have strengths and weaknesses. Using a blend of digital and traditional tactics, you can plug the holes that a digital only strategy creates, and multiply the opportunities your marketing program creates.

How much content have you produced this year? Think blog posts, email newsletters, Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles. Perhaps you have an ebook or two as giveaways on your website. Or do you use video, webinars or podcasting to connect with your audience?

If you’re cranking out any online content regularly, you understand that modern marketing relies on consistently being interesting, thought provoking and informative. The naked sales push rarely works.

Keep connecting online, and then make yourself memorable by going vintage.

Try one or more of these transformations:

1. Website Pages to Brochures

Your website is chock full of information about your business, and what you do and what you sell. With some thought and care, this good stuff can be translated into printed form to take on a second life.

Check the content of your Home Page, About Us, Contact Us and Testimonials. You will almost certainly have the bones of an effective brochure. The same principle can be applied to create Product Sheets, Information Postcards and Catalogues

2. Website Calls to Action to Business Card Call to Action

You probably have calls to action and enquiry functions all over your website. Your business card can drive the same behaviour. Make a First Time Buyer offer, promote an event, offer a gift. Simply include a landing page URL to accept the offer and track the results.

3. Email Marketing to Targeted Snail Mail

Inboxes are jammed, attention is short, and snail mail volumes have dropped. Which all means it can be a smart way to stand out. Used in a targeted way (personally addressed with relevant information at the right time), your postie could become part of your marketing team.

Or consider using the content from several email blasts in a printed newsletter for additional gravitas and reach. Printed newsletters are much more likely to be kept and shared, helping more people to remember you. Marketing guru Dan Kennedy says “my biggest single recommendation is the use of a monthly printed customer newsletter”

4. Ebooks to Information Booklets

It’s not a big stretch to produce an ebook in printed form, and the impact is significant. Used in a sales presentation, at an event or trade show or in a client welcome pack, it’s a baby step to becoming a published author.

5. Ebooks, blogs and your expertise to your Self Published Book

The ultimate way to prove your thought leadership, expertise and authority. The thud factor of your book will give you a huge credibility boost. It’s the ultimate calling card. And self-publishing has put authorship well within the reach of small business budgets.

How else could you repurpose your online content to get attention magnets into the right hands?

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