5 Top Podcasts for Small Business Owners from 2016


5 Top Podcasts for Small Business Owners from 2016

Finding a good podcast is akin to finding a great TV show. Some of them start off with such promise but fade quickly, while others never really seem to get off the ground. But when you do find that well crafted podcast, it can make your commute seem to disappear in a flash.

Now, I live and breathe podcasts everyday in my work helping business owners create their own compelling content to attract new clients, retain staff, raise their profile and build a community. Over the years, I’ve become quite ruthless in my podcast listening. A show has to be well edited, it’s got to stay on point and it’s got to deliver quality information or I move on.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favourite podcasts for 2016… just in case you have any long drives or feel like a bit of a binge over the last few days of the New Year’s break.

Over 2016 I’ve noticed a trend towards short run podcasts. That’s where people purposefully set out to make just a small number of episodes before bringing the show to a close. I’ve found this a refreshing change from podcasts without an end date, as the short-runs tend to stay focussed and on point, rather than wandering around the topics vainly trying to keep the show going.

The short run podcast is something I recommend to my clients and I think it’s a trend we will see continue in 2017. I’ve also purposely steered away from business shows in this list.

There are so many business shows out there and in my opinion they are all starting to sound a bit the same. The Tony Robbins podcast launched to great fanfare this year and immediately disappointed me. Each episode (and admittedly I gave up after the third one) featured Tony doing an introduction (or even playing some old tape of him talking onstage) before he handed off to another interviewer. The interview then was just another long form, long winded chat with no real direction and very little good new information to be shared.

But if you do want a business focus, the Virgin Disruptors show is worth a listen. The audio can be a little average at times and some episodes I’ve forwarded through, but there have been enough nuggets of wisdom from the guests to keep this one on my download folder.

Apart from business topics, I’m always on the lookout for podcasts that showcase great story telling abilities, great information and chemistry between the host and the guests.

So, in no particular order, here were my favorite podcasts for 2016…

1. Better off Dead by Andrew Denton and The Wheeler Centre

A short run (18 episodes) podcast exploring the reasons why Australia does not have euthanasia laws. Done with the same humour and solid research that we’ve come to expect from Andrew Denton, the episodes have us listening to terminally ill patients looking to own their end of life decisions, as well as experts and opponents from around the world. This podcast had me laughing, crying and getting really angry at times, but it always left me thinking.

Click here to listen to podcast.

2. Phoebe’s Fall by The Age

2016 was the year I noticed mainstream media embracing podcasting as a way to develop a story. Or as Andrew Denton put it in an interview earlier this year ‘podcasting is where the real journalism is happening now’.

Either way, Phoebe’s Fall traces the story of a young Melbourne girl Phoebe Handsjuk who was found dead at the bottom of a garbage shute in an apartment block in St Kilda. Some great old fashioned investigative journalism skills on show here, and a great use of the short podcast format (11 episodes).

Click here to listen to podcast.

3. The Party Room ~ ABC Radio National

Hosts Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas take a weekly deep dive into all things Australian politics. Both hosts have significant political journalism backgrounds and take considerable time to shine a light on the things that are concerning the country each week.

They don’t always agree, which makes for some great banter and they have access to top shelf commentators. The Party Room was my favourite political podcast for 2016.

Click here to listen to podcast.

4. Homecoming by Gimlet

I’ve come to expect big things when I see a podcast launch by Gimlet. These are the guys who turned business podcasts on their head with ‘Start Up” (still a great show by the way). I had a lot of expectations around ‘Homecoming’ as it was Gimlet’s first foray into a scripted style show. Think old school radio drama.

Season one is only 6 episodes and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a psychological drama and features a voice that may seem familiar to a few of you (especially if you were ‘Friends’ fans), David Schwimmer.

Click here to listen to podcast.

5. Mysterious Universe by 8th Kind

This show has consistently been on my ‘best of’ list for the past 3 years. Two hosts compile this show twice weekly from their studios in Sydney. With a name like Mysterious Universe, you would expect the topics to be a little strange and unusual and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

If you enjoy hearing about legends of supernatural tales from around the world, the discussion of the singularity or maybe the horse reiki mafia, this is a show for you.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

What podcasts have you enjoyed this year? Let me know – I love to discover new ones.

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