5 Tips for Marketing to Mums


5 Tips for Marketing to Mums

Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy responsible for a staggering $132 billion in sales every year.

Yet despite their economic power, they remain the most misunderstood, misrepresented and undervalued consumer segment in the marketplace. My organisation surveyed more than 1800 Australian mums and revealed that 63% of mums believe advertisers don’t understand them.

What an opportunity for those brands who can get it right. So how do you sway this powerful audience?

My 5 tips for marketing to mums are:

Tip #1  – Know your audience.

We’ve advised more than one hundred brands since launching in 2015, and we are always surprised and perplexed by the lack of knowledge concerning this powerful consumer segment. Brands tend to make the critical mistake of treating mums like they are all the same or targeting too broadly.

Mums are incredibly different and understanding your mum segment deeply will be critical to your success. A niche approach will yield the greatest rewards. Additionally, training and upskilling your teams about the mum market and ensuring you have a mum working on any brands selling to mums will assist to minimise marketing messaging faux pas.

Tip #2 – Get social.

Our survey uncovered that 91% of Australian mums are checking their social media accounts daily with 30% checking in more than ten times every day. Facebook is the preferred social media platform of Australian mums no matter what their age is.

If mums are online, then your brand needs to be there too. Mums are demanding more from the brands they support. They want to build a relationship and understand what your brand stands for. Social media is an excellent platform to build rapport and trust.

Most importantly, it is a great place to listen and learn more about your community. Do this well, and it can lead to the introduction of new products and services to better solve your mum’s core problem.

Tip # 3 – Facilitate third-party endorsement.

Testimonials will make or break your brand as mums actively research brand offerings. Our survey found that testimonials have the greatest influence on a mum’s purchase decisions, greater than a mum-to-mum recommendation.

It’s important your brand is assisting mums to find great testimonials about your brand. Ensure they are captured and regularly updated on your website, featured on printed marketing materials and that you have ratings and reviews turned on your Facebook page.

A clear system for seeking testimonials from your customers should be implemented. Media reviews, awards and publicity can also assist in building an excellent positive third party footprint about your brand.

Tip #4  – Activate brand advocates.

Mums want to be part of your brand journey. This doesn’t stop when they purchase your product or service. They want you to continue engaging them. In our research, Australian mums expressed a desire to be actively included in New Product Development for brands they loved.

They want to have the opportunity to tell you how your product or service could be improved or your brand extended in ways you might not have considered. By inviting these advocates to get involved behind the scenes, you give them more reasons to talk about you to their networks, allowing you to deepen your relationship and understanding of your audience and most notably, improve your product offering. Have you ever asked them?

Tip #5  – Embrace storytelling.

Mums are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages. Mums want you to respect and earn their attention. Actively engaging in storytelling to convey your brand values and sales messages is a better option.

We’ve worked with many brands across diverse industries helping them identify their most profitable mum segment and assisting them to develop a yield strategy around this powerful and lucrative consumer group.

Astute marketers are investing resources into understanding their mum and acting on these tips and reaping considerable financial gain. Don’t you want a piece of the action?

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