5 Takeaways From the M2Moms Conference in New York


5 Takeaways From the M2Moms Conference in New York

In October last year, I attended the 14th annual M2Moms Conference in New York. Sponsored by Google, this is the world leading event for marketers and brands helping brands drive their sales and profit.

It is attended by top researchers and marketers who detail behavioural changes in the world’s most powerful consumer segment. I was not only a member of the M2Moms Conference Leadership Committee, but I was also asked to deliver the closing keynote presentation.

It was an extraordinary opportunity to share my expertise and insight about mothers and share some of the good work being done by Australian brands.

I want to share five insights from the 2018 M2Moms conference to assist you to gain a deeper understanding of the changing parenting landscape and help shape your future plans.

#1 Mum communities are thriving with video and empathy.

Mum-led businesses are thriving because they understand their audience so well and they are harnessing the power of video.

Raising Dragons showed us that community building isn’t too hard when you deeply understand your audience and are offering something of interest to mums. A mum of three young boys, Andrea understands mums desire for easy, simple, learnings activities. She spoke about how she produces short videos showing simple science, technology, engineering, art and math activities parents can do at home which won’t have them needing to head off to the craft shop.

In just over a year, Raising Dragons have amassed a community of more than 500,000 and had more than 50 million video views. There is a strong appetite for video led simple activities.

This was again emphasised with What’s Up Moms, with a community of 2.3 million subscribers and more than 60 million video views each month who showed how being real and utilising video is really getting mums attention.

We have invited Meg from What’s Up Moms to be a featured guest on Marketing to Mums – the Podcast which launched just before Christmas. Here you can learn more about connecting, engaging and most importantly, converting mums from the best experts from around the world.

#2 Customer experience.

Mums have a higher than average expectation of customer experience. We heard from Enna Allen from The Simon Property Group where she is responsible for introducing experiential initiatives to increase visits and dwell time in their shopping centres.

What I enjoyed about Enna’s presentation was how she spoke about the importance of finding something different and standing out from your competitors in delivering your awesome experience for mums. This is something I speak about often to clients and in my speaking engagements. Enna also showed us how product blunders can be turned into customer winning activations for all to see.

Other speakers also mentioned customer experience. Amy Henry spoke about how ChickfilA responded to information that many mums were going through the drive-thru, and the family was eating their meals in the car because it can be difficult to get a table inside.

ChickfilA responded by introducing Mom’s Valet where Mum (or Dad) could order via drive-thru then park and come inside where the staff would have already set up a table and have your food waiting for you.

#3 Fun, play and surprise have growing importance.

Amy Henry from Flashlight Insights is the champion amongst fun, play and surprise amongst marketing to mum experts. This is her second year headlining the importance of fun in your communications with mums.

Amy’s findings really echo our Marketing to Mums research in Australia that mums want more humour in brand communications. Mums across the globe are asking brands to consider being more playful and fun. This wasn’t limited to brand communications.

Kidbox is a subscription box of kids clothing designed to help time-poor mums who don’t want to drag their child to the shops. It was referenced a couple of times for their ability to make receiving the box fun and playful by turning it into a ceremony.

This year Amy discussed the opportunity to turn mum’s worry into wonder. She discussed the greatest stressors of being a parent in the age of terrorism and school shootings and talked about just how much more important it is that brands can bring some more smiles through implementing a Surprise and Delight strategy.

Amy recently featured on Marketing to Mums – the Podcast to discuss the enormous opportunity a Surprise and Delight Strategy can yield brands. I encourage you to tune into episode 2 featuring Amy as she shares some great insights.

#4 Growing influence of kids.

Building on my presentation at the conference last year where I spoke about how Millennial Mother’s egalitarian parenting was leading to kids having a growing influence on purchase decisions, we heard from Michelle Poris PhD from Smarty Pants.

Michelle shared some interesting research about US brands from their 2018 Brand Love Study showcasing both a parent’s perspective and a child’s perspective which highlighted significant opportunities for brands.

I found Michelle’s research very compelling, and I have recorded an interview with her to share some of these research findings and brand opportunities on Marketing to Mums – the Podcast. Her episode is due for release in February/March. I highly recommend tuning in to this episode as her presentation was one of the highlights of the conference.

#5 Tech First mothers have different needs.

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to be asked to deliver the closing keynote where I was asked to share my insights around what it means to be a mother in an era of too much information and the complexity this represents for brands.

My presentation focused around Millennial and Gen Z mothers who are seeking a Tech First solution to their problems. I presented five vitally important characteristics of a Tech First Mum and then demonstrated the growing challenge this represented for brands before sharing five strategies to overcome this problem.

It was a great opportunity to showcase some Australian brands who are doing excellent work in this area.  It was an added bonus that I was named the ‘You Take the Cake’ Best Speaker Award. This presentation is now being offered as part of my 2019 presentations for conferences and events.

I choose to fly more than 10,000 miles each year to attend and present at the M2Moms conference as it allows me to share some of the great work which is being done in Australia and it, more importantly, it ensures I stay ahead of emerging trends and strategies in the global market.

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