5 Steps to Presenting With Confidence on Camera


5 Steps to Presenting With Confidence on Camera

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to appear in front of a camera. Video as a medium of communication isn’t going away – it’s getting a lot closer. According to Tubular Insights we are watching 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. In case you missed it – 100,000,000 hours of video on Facebook every day!

If you are still in business in the next couple of years, you will be using video as part of your communication strategy. And at some point, you will need to present in front of the camera. The sooner you learn to do that with confidence, the more credibility you will have with your audience.

So here are 5 steps on how to master “confidence on camera”:

1. Prepare

Know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. If it is a speech, then do your research, create a compelling narrative, ask for feedback. Review, enhance and develop. If it is an interview then be clear on what is being asked. If possible ask for the questions beforehand so you can prepare some responses that are suitable. Be clear on how long the presentation is to be. If it is for a 1 minute video then you need to ensure your information is concise and insightful.

2. Be comfortable

Let’s face it we are most confident when we are comfortable in a situation and most awkward when we are not. So the trick is to become comfortable in front of the camera. How do you that? You need to get used it. You need to be in front of the camera more often. Which leads to step 3.

3. Practice

So step 2 get in front of the camera. Step 3 practice. Now you don’t need to record yet, but you do need to practice presenting out loud. Talking to yourself in your head is not the same as presenting. Presenting requires presence. It is only when you practice that you realise at first how uncomfortable you are. However the more you practice the more comfortable you become.

As you become comfortable with what you need to say you can start putting emphasis into the words to drive home the points. When I’ve presented a 5 minute presentation on stage, I’ve practised it about 30 times out loud. When you do it that many times, you become comfortable it with it. It is no longer scary. It is yours ready to share with the world.

4. Boost the energy

I tell people that video cameras steal their energy. Presenting on camera is nothing like real life. It is completely artificial. It is a performance. If you present on camera like you are talking to someone in front of you, it will come across as being flat and dull. At a time when people are being bombarded with video content everyday, the ones that cut through have energy to them.

You need to be enthusiastic about what you are saying. You need to ramp up your presentation so people are taken along for a ride. When you practice, work out which words you want to emphasise. Have a rhythm to your delivery that has highs and lows. Learn how to add energy without shouting your message. It takes practice.

5. Be you

Now this is tricky. In a completely contrived environment – lights, cameras, microphones, I’m asking you to be you. If you can master the skills of preparing, being comfortable with your content, having practiced it, being over enthused then you can move onto delivering the content in a way which is consistent with who you are.

Let your personality shine in the presentation. The more you can master steps 1-4, then you will find you can start to play with this step. You will be able to inject some humour or style that matches you.

Step 6 is to start and do it all again. The only way to truly master confidence in front of the camera is to keep doing it. Like all things in life, the more we do something the more proficient we become.

Video production is here to stay. It will be part of your business communications and as a business person you need to embrace it. Those who can master confidence in front of the camera will attract more trust, more engagement and ultimately more business.

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