5 Sparkly Holiday Social Media Tips for Small Businesses


5 Sparkly Holiday Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

As everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, small businesses are trying to take advantage of the giving season to create one final sales boost for the end of the year. Holiday marketing campaigns are usually very successful, when they are executed correctly.

There’s a caveat though, you should never make all your social media activities about sales. The holiday spirit is about giving and you should learn to give before you receive your customers’ hard-earned cash.

So today I’d like to help you build a successful and rewarding social media marketing campaign with these 5 simple and effective tips:

1. Plan to Start Early

I’m sure you’ve already seen signs of the holiday season in your local shopping centre. There’s a reason they start marketing early, sometimes ridiculously early in my books, but there is a method to their madness. They need to be top of mind to grab the share of the market before customers spend their money elsewhere. You should do the same with your social media posts. Plan backwards. If you’re a business that needs to take appointments, like a hairdresser or mechanic, then you’ll know how far in advance you’ll need to market in order to fill the available slots. If you sell products, then you’ll use the delivery schedules to set a starting point for your campaign. Most businesses can look at starting around 6 weeks prior to the holiday, so if it’s Christmas you’re targeting, then you should probably start now!

2. Run a Contest or Support a Charity or Both

Running a contest on your social media profile is a great way to increase engagement and excitement around the holiday season. You could also help support local charities at the same time by either promoting them on your profile or by offering to donate to the charity as part of the prize.

Note: Just be careful of government rules about running contests and also Facebook’s strict terms and conditions around running contests on your timeline.

3. Create a Series of Social Media Posts

Holidays are full of anticipation why not leverage that by creating an educational or entertaining post series (Think “12 days of Christmas).

Inspiration: We created a campaign recently for a client that services and repairs boats. We created a series of posts over a 6 week period which educated their audience on how to prepare for their boating holiday. Not all the posts were self-promotional, but some were where it was relevant. For example:

  • T- 45 days – Post encouraging audience to book their boat in for a pre-holiday checkup
  • T- 38 days – Post a reminder to check boat safety equipment and replace if necessary
  • T- 31 days – Post a pre-holiday checklist download
  • T- 24 days – Post reminder to check car and boat insurance
  • T- 17 days – Post a link to a video on towing safety
  • T- 10 days – Post link about fun/kid friendly things to do with the boat
  • T-  3 days – Post about securing house before going on holidays
  • T-  1 day – Post well wishes for their holiday

4. Offer Special Discounts for Your Social Media Audience

There comes a time when your audience wonders whether there is any point in continuing to follow your page. Show them that they are important to you by offering them a special holiday offer that is not available to the general ‘non-fan’ public.

5. Host a Special Event or Meetup for your Audience

Think of a fun way to engage your social media audience and create a special holiday event. You could invite them to a live meetup at your premises or a video stream via Facebook Live.

And here’s a bonus tip

: ALWAYS monitor your social media profiles over the holiday period. Engage with your audience’s comments and watch out for content they create and tag you in.

This time of year is a great opportunity for you to stand out while other businesses are ignoring their social media audience.

What do you have planned for your social media marketing for the holiday season?

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