5 Smart Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business


5 Smart Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Smart marketing is often referred to when you find clever ways to make your marketing stick or get a great result without having spent much time or money on your marketing efforts. However, it’s also about taking a holistic approach to being “smart”.

Here are 5 ways modern business owners are being savvy with it come to their marketing efforts.

1. Have a plan

You wouldn’t jump in the car and drive to Melbourne without a roadmap or GPS, would you? It’s the same with smart marketing. Savvy business owners have a plan from the beginning. Here are some things to consider in your plan … what is your marketing goal, what is the purpose of the piece of content you are producing, who creating it, how often are doing it, who’s your target market, what’s your budget, and how will you maintain, promote and measure your efforts?

2. Measure your results

The first rule of smart marketing is to know what’s working and what’s not. Measuring your marketing efforts with your return on investment is imperative. Your return on investment must have monetary value. It also takes in increased engagement, building your profile, growing your list building and boosting your inquiries and so on. When you know what’s working you can keep doing more the same.

3. Maintain a steady flow

Marketing is not about being sporadic. Trust me, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. You have to maintain your marketing efforts. Your newsletters, blogs, social media posts and anything else you are doing need to be done on a regular basis. You will see less results and have fewer successes if you do a week or a month here and there because can’t maintain it. Marketing needs to be regular.

4. Do what you’re good at

If marketing isn’t your forte get the professionals in to take it over for you. Outsourcing is the new black in business. It’s poplar because it’s cost effective and saves business owners a lot of time. Outsourcing your marketing efforts to someone who can do it quickly and easily for you will allow you to do what you are good at … selling and getting more business through the door.

5. Try different things

Business is about growing and as entrepreneurs we should always be trying new marketing techniques. Do you have a newsletter, are you posting on your various social media platforms, do you have a promotion schedule where you post in Facebook groups? Do you have a video blog, or a blog on your website, are you hosting a podcast? Are you using LinkedIn groups, have you written a book, are you creating content for your list? Are you guest blogging, using the media to your advantage and are you being interviewed across different platforms?

There is plenty to think about when it comes to being smart with your marketing efforts. These five points are a good place to start.

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