5 Quick Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block Today


5 Quick Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block Today

You’re having a wonderful morning, minding your own business when you sit down to write your weekly blog and then BAM! You’re struck down with a case of the dreaded writer’s block and all of sudden you have nothing to write about. What? How can this be? It’s never happened before.

Writer’s block can be a killer for your Small Business because we know how important content writing is to build a connection with your audience, generate leads and boost your business.

Fear not, dear biz owner, it happens to the world’s best writers – even Earnest Hemmingway suffered this awful, but curable, disease. It’s been reported his best pain killer was to just write one true sentence and go from there.

The topic for this very article came from my inability to sit down and write the story I wanted to write. I’ll do that one another day.

Coming up with ideas for a weekly blog post can be excruciatingly difficult, so if this happens to you, here are five pain killers to end your writing block so you can hit the publish button.

1. Time of year

Most businesses can piggyback of the seasonal change or time of year. What’s happening right now in your industry and how is this affecting you, your clients or target market? Is there an increase of decrease in your work because of it? Think seasons, tax time, end of fin year, Christmas, spring racing season, Mother’s Day (any of the days, in fact) and so on.

2. What’s relevant in the news?

Pick up a paper or magazine or jump on to any one of the main news sites and search for inspiration. Elections, trends, big business, health, money, look at every angle. There will be at least one story and topic you can take a stance on.

3. Client questions

Think about the questions your clients are asking you and answer them. You could even write it like an agony aunt column (“Dear Liz…”). You’ll probably already have some of these already pre-proposed in the FAQ section for your website.

4. Your opinion (positive rant)

Have a positive rant. That is, to have your opinion on something close to your heart in a business sense, but back it up with what you’re doing about it. There is nothing more annoying than someone just having a rant for the sake of it. Be better and actually write a piece of content with purpose.

5. Share secrets, tips, tricks and hints

What’s the best possible tip you can give your readers when it comes to your profession? How can you save them time or money? How can you make their life easier or less stressful? What is something you do regularly that helps you in your business? Position it as you best ever secret and talk about why you do it and how it helps.

Still stuck? Here’s a few more points to consider:

  1. How about research you’ve done or statistics you’ve come across that you’ve found shocking or surprising?
  2. Have a look at your clients and share a case study. What are some of the outcomes they achieved?
  3. Share a story you know will impact your readers. What’s something that’s happened to you recently you know will relate to your readers and touch on a pain point or pull at the heart strings?
  4. What’s your favourite inspirational quote? What does it mean to you?
  5. Is what you are doing new, fresh or unique to only you? Has it ever been done before? Everyone loves a “first” story (especially the media, if you are going to repurpose your blog into a media release).
  6. Awards, insights, predications or mistakes people make (or you’ve made) are other things you can consider.

There is so much inspiration around us to help banish writer’s block for ever. Take a look around you right now. Or you can simply make this your go-to article when you need an ideas booster shot.

Good luck and let us know how you go or share you own tips and tricks.

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  • Tracy

    As always Liz, you share some absolute gold. A timely kick to my behind as I prepare for this weeks blog. Thank you!

    • jenn

      Absolute GOLD…..

    • Liz Campbell

      Thank you Trace! I’m so glad it helped you! I just love sharing what I know because I know it can be such a huge help! Good luck!

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