5 Practical Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing


5 Practical Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing

I was talking to my client Angie about the stories from her life that we were transforming into pillar content pieces for a launch.

She took a big sigh and shaking her head incredulously she said, “I can’t believe that I had all these stories locked inside my head and I always thought that I led a pretty boring life and had no interesting stories to tell.” She is not alone. I bet you too hold yourself back from sharing some fascinating stories because you can’t see the value of these stories for your clients. This is why storytelling needs to be at the core of your marketing.

Three reasons you should use storytelling in your marketing:

1. As a conscious Small Business owner, the sleazy marketing tips don’t resonate with you.

This results in you holding yourself back from marketing your business. But, storytelling is all about telling authentic stories. No drama or clever copy needed, tell your story with heart and intention to attract the right customers.

2. Whether you know it or not, you are already telling stories.

But if you are not creating them, it leads to a story vacuum. Your audience fills this vacuum by assuming and creating their own story about your brand, but it might not be the story you want to tell. So take charge of your stories and narratives and craft the stories you want your audience to share.

3. Storytelling connects with your audiences at an emotional level.

Your customers are trying to find common ground with you, a shared humanity. Through your stories, you can create those points of relate-ability and bridge the gap between you and them.

Five places that you can use storytelling in your content: 

1. Your About page.

Most About pages end up reading as a boring litany of the website owner’s achievements. Instead, create an origin story that takes your clients on a journey of who you are, why you do this work and why you want to help a specific niche of clients.

Example: Marie Forleo’s About page describes her journey as a Jersey girl who went from hip-hop to a digital education company.

2. Your email marketing.

How do you stand out in your client’s email inboxes that are choc-a-bloc with sales messages? You guessed it, with stories. Instead of trying to force promotions down their throats, build a real relationship with them by sharing your stories and those of your clients.

Example: This blog post from crazyegg shows how storytelling is the key to selling with emails.

3. Your blog posts.

Stating mere facts and ideas can make your blog posts dry and bland. Spice your blog posts up by beginning them with an interesting story and then segue into the message you want to share.

Example: Copyblogger shows how writing a vivid story can increase the impact of your content in this post.

4. Your social media posts.

Share stories that show your clients that you share a common ground with them. For example, put up a picture of your messy desk or talk about doing podcasts in a closet (true story!) or a video about your opinions on a controversial topic. These will serve as a beacon to your clients that you and they share the same values and will attract them to your tribe.

Example: Amy Porterfield created a shared humanity moment through a story in this Facebook post.

5. Your advertising.

When spending money to reach your audience using Facebook ads, you want to ensure that every single penny counts. Stories can be a powerful way to use ads to build brand awareness and reach new audiences.

Example: Straight from the horses’ mouth; Facebook confirms that ads with stories convert better than others.

Lastly, always remember even when you are telling your story, the focus should be on your clients and how it serves them.

Excited to create stories in your marketing? Share your ideas in the comments below, and I will happily provide feedback on them.

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