5 Marketing to Mums Trends to Be Aware of


5 Marketing to Mums Trends to Be Aware of

Mums are a powerful audience controlling billions of dollars in spending in Australia each year.

Given their growing influence and dominance over the economy, their changing behaviours, cannot be ignored.

Here are 5 marketing to mums trends we believe marketers need to keep their eye on:

Trend #1 – Podcasting.

Mums are early adopters of podcasts in Australia. As experienced multitaskers, mums are listening to podcasts while in the car, exercising, commuting to and from work, and cooking; whenever they can get a moment.

They enjoy the intimacy of podcasts and the convenience of listening as opposed to reading. We are even hearing reports of the emergence of podcast clubs. Replacing the humble book club, podcast clubs require mums to listen to a couple of episodes from a particular podcast, and then they get together to speak about it.

In a time when mums are rejecting corporate sales messages, podcasts represent a great opportunity to build relationships and connect with mums in an uncluttered and uninterrupted way.

Trend #2 – Minimalism.

Minimalism is fast becoming the new black as mums increasingly adopt mindful decision making. They are seeking simpler, more sustainable lives. There is an emerging trend to declutter and destress their minds. When they do choose to spend, they opt for ethically made, high quality, durable products.

In the past year, we’ve seen the emergence of Facebook groups supporting women to buy less and wear their existing clothing. It’s a direct push back on the fast fashion industry and has resulted in the boom in the hire clothing industry.

Trend #3 – Sustainability.

Mums are paying increasing attention to sustainability. Whether it’s coffee cups, coffee pods, nappies or sanitary products, mums are looking for biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives. In recent times we’ve seen enormous success in businesses such as Modibodi, sustainable period underwear which removes the need to use tampons and pads, saving them from the landfill.

We expect to see the drive towards sustainability to grow into their power choice and automotive options in coming years.

Trend #4 – Diversity.

Family structures have changed significantly in the past twenty years. An increasing number of couples are choosing not to get married, with one-third of children being born to unwed parents. Research shows there are growing numbers of blended families, same-sex families and women who choose to enter motherhood on their own.

Mums want to see more diversity in their marketing communications and will reward businesses who choose to do so.

Trend #5 – Fun.

Mums are increasingly seeking out fun with their children. Millennial mums, in particular, are wanting to enjoy playful, family experiences. They are seeking out the unusual, the unique, with fun being the key driver.

We are seeing more adventurous family travel as mothers view this as an increasingly important way to bond with their children.

We believe Mums are the most powerful consumer in Australia and we’ve built a business around understanding them and helping businesses sell more effectively to this influential consumer group.

We’ve researched thousands of Australian mothers and identified emerging behaviours. Harness these trends to assist you to drive growth and reap considerable financial gain.

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