5 Kick-arse Ways IP Assets Streamline Your Biz


5 Kick-arse Ways IP Assets Streamline Your Biz

“I’ve already got so much going on in my business, creating Intellectual Property assets feels like I’m just adding more stuff.”

We’re all busy. I get it. But creating your Intellectual Property (IP) assets can help you simplify and streamline your business. In this article, I’m going to share with you 5 kick-arse ways that creating IP assets actually simplifies and streamlines your business. Ready? Let’s dive in.

What are IP assets?

I often write about the kind of IP assets that are models; visual representations of your methodologies, frameworks, etc. However, IP assets are so much more than that. They can be videos, products, Asana templates, email templates and so much more.

So, how can these assets streamline your business?

1. Reduce repetition.

When you create IP assets, you can reduce repetition. For example, do you deliver the same content over and over again to your one to one clients? Could you make a video that you get everyone to watch? Record it once, and then you can save time later down the track.

Or email templates. Are you sending out pitches or emails that are similar time and time again? Create a template email that you can easily modify. You’ll be surprised how much repetition you eliminate.

See how that can save you a whole bunch of time? And time is probably our most valuable asset.

2. Stop bottlenecks.

Most coaches and thought leaders start out as a one-person show. We’re used to doing everything by ourselves. But then we bring on our first team member, say a Virtual Assistant (VA) and suddenly we’re not alone.

One of the great things about extracting workflows and methodologies out of your head, you’re no longer solely responsible for it. You have the option to delegate it to someone else. One thing I love about my business is that we do video recordings of processes. How do we do ‘x’ thing in my business? How do we do ‘y’? That means if suddenly something happens to me or to a team member, we have a bank of video trainings for someone else to take over those tasks.

So, yay! No more bottlenecks!

3. Get clear on your products.

When you extract your core methodology of how you help your clients, you might find that you have some products or services that fall outside the scope of that methodology. And that’s great to know.

Armed with that knowledge, you might consider whether it’s worth keeping those products or services if they’re no longer in alignment.

4. Create products with lightning speed.

When you create your Educate Model that visually shows how you get clients from point A to point B, you can suddenly use that as the baseline for creating new products quickly and easily.

Once people have nailed their Educate Model, they can use it as the foundation for their book (it’s how I wrote my book in three days), a course, a one to one package, a retreat curriculum and so much more!

5. Content idea stream.

When you have IP assets, especially visual models like an Educate Model or a Success Model, it becomes easier to break those into separate pieces of content. Whether you’re recording videos, writing blog posts, articles, social media posts etc., you can look at your visual models and pick out an aspect to write/talk to. And the more practise you get at looking at this content from many different angles, the more ideas you’ll have.

So, to recap, the 5 kick-arse ways IP assets streamline your business are by:

  1. Reducing repetition.
  2. Stopping bottlenecks.
  3. Gaining clarity on products
  4. Assisting with product creation.
  5. Generating content ideas.

How have IP assets helped you simplify your business? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below.

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