5 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook


5 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook

Scientists have proven that the human brain processes a visual image 60,000 times faster than a block of text. So it’s true that “a photo is worth 1,000 words” or even more. What better place to send ideas and messages through images than on social media?

Most of the top social media platforms work well with images, some dedicating themselves to visuals, like Instagram. But Facebook has continually improved photo sharing and viewing, both for the computer and mobile screens. Right now, you can upload high definition images and your fans can view them in all their splendour in full screen. So, an integral part of your Facebook posting plan must include images. But what kind of images?

In this article I will show you 5 effective and creative ways to improve engagement on your Facebook page through the use of images:

1. Custom Made Graphics

Photos are easy to take and share. My current iPhone can take better pictures than my dedicated digital camera, with the added bonus of being able to edit and share straight from the app on my phone. Why not spend a little time putting in some creative effort? Try putting together a collage of photos around a topic or overlaying photos with text to make engaging memes. There are some great free and paid apps that make the job super easy that will make you look like a rockstar. Check out for iOS and browser and for iOS, android and browser.

2. Throwback Photos

One of the best ways of connecting with your potential customers is by telling them the story behind you and your business. And what better way to do that than through photos showing where you’ve come from? It’s commonly referred to across social media as #ThrowbackThursday. Photos of your first workshop, your first prototype product, you setting up your office or working on your products, are the best ways to create a historical timeline for your business and transform it from an abstract entity to a human experience.

3. Creative Use of Your Products

“How do you use our product?” can be a good caption for a photo showing your product in use sparking conversation and encouraging your customers to share their own photos of them using products purchased from you. You can even organise contests, such as “the most creative or original way to use your product”, and reward the winner with a special prize like a discount on your latest product or a free training session.

4. Celebrate Your Customers

Your most loyal customers are your best brand ambassadors so proudly show them off to everyone. Let your customers tell their story about how they first heard about your business and why they became long-term customers. This is one of the most flattering types of posts, for the customer, you and for prospects who are researching you and your business.

5. Make Images Part of a Story

People love stories and some of the best ones we remember are from storybooks we read as children, where the text and the images blend together seamlessly. Do the same as a marketer and business owner on your Facebook page: don’t just use standalone images, include them in a meaningful story, make them a natural continuation of the text or, more precisely, make them so powerful that people will want to read the text and learn the whole story behind the photo.

Images are probably the most powerful media we can use on social media and there are hundreds of ways to use them. I hope that these few simple tips will inspire you to create and share remarkable images to reach out to clients in a powerful and meaningful way.

Do you have an image tip that you would like to share?

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