(AUDIO) 5 Creative and Unique Ways to Engage With Your Clients


(AUDIO) 5 Creative and Unique Ways to Engage With Your Clients

I just listened to the first instalment of Bree James and Andrew Griffiths’ brand spanking new podcast, Business over Breakfast; they really hit the ground running. There’s no dipping the toes in the water for these two, who immediately come out swinging by delivering a fun 30-minute episode packed with heaps of practical takeaway information that’s sure to be useful for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

So, as you might imagine, I’m pretty excited about what sort of gems these two are going to be sharing in Business over Breakfast. Bree and Andrew start with some key topics including the importance of knowing your niche, how to get the best out of your tech and why every small business should focus on high quality instead of low prices. However, what really struck me about their first show was what they had to say about engagement with an audience.

It’s an absolute must to understand your audience and really go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you do it. As Andrew says, “You need to know who your audience is: what they fear, what they love, what they’re motivated by and give them that content.”

There are loads of creative and unique ways to engage with your audience or clientele, and they dished out five top tips on starting that engagement which I think are key:

  1. Write a note to your ten best customers and tell them how much you appreciate their business. Make sure it’s a handwritten note. This will add a personal touch and make sure they don’t forget you or your business in a hurry.
  2. Perform Random Acts of thank you. This could be giving them something for free, providing them with a discount or whatever else. As long as it’s unexpected. It’s certain to make your client feel valued and make your engagement with them that much more personal.
  3. If your clients are business owners, refer people to them. This is a sure-fire way to get them to think positively of you and your business, and they’re likely to start referring people your way too.
  4. Make every interaction meaningful. This comes back down to the personal touch angle, but it is definitely easy these days to rush through chats and conversations with people. Spending that little bit longer will definitely improve your relationship with a client.
  5. Become an extraordinary communicator. Perhaps the most important of all five. As Andrew says, “If you want an awesome competitive advantage, become an exceptional communicator. Make that your only goal.” Apparently, one of the #1 areas of dissatisfaction for customers is poor communication, so you and your business can totally stand out by improving on this.

There’s plenty of food for thought here, and I’m looking forward to going away and working on some of these tips myself. I can’t wait for the next episode where they’ll be talking about cross-industry innovation and interviewing the founder of Caffiend, Oliver James. They’ll also be sharing five more great suggestions for you and your business.

In the meantime, why not have a think about the points above and brainstorm how you can apply these top tips to your company? You’d be amazed at how far engaging with your audience can take you!

If you want to listen to the whole audio, just click below…

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