4 Unique Ideas to Improve Staff Productivity in Small Business


4 Unique Ideas to Improve Staff Productivity in Small Business

We all know that having great staff can either make or break a business. In terms of accounting, they are usually our biggest outlay but at the same time they can be our greatest asset in the business.

However, are we limiting how great our staff can be? Are our processes set in such a way that enable our staff to achieve their most efficient productivity?

Imagine if our staff were both happy and efficient. The cost savings we would have in terms of how their productivity increase, and another plus… happy staff means less HR headaches.

Invest in thoughtful planning

Time is incredibly precious and more often than not, we are in a rush to get going with our latest business venture that we sometimes lack the time to plan every detail. However, if we take the time at the start, implementing plans at an early stage are much easier than trying to apply them later down the track.

Take a restaurant as an example, if we take the time to properly lay out the kitchen so everything is in the right place and each chef can achieve what they need to do at their station, that kitchen would be much more efficient than one where the chefs are all on top of each other scrambling for utensils and pots.

Stepping through the paces

As with the planning, if we take the time to step ourselves through the paces of how a process would take place in the real world, we may be able to solve problems before they even arise. Taking the restaurant example again, thinking about where you are going to store the wine that you order. Will a staff member have to walk through the restaurant, out the back, down a corridor, into a storeroom then hunt amongst the boxes for the right bottle of Shiraz? How long will that take? Do you have the money to pay them to do that ten or so times every night?

Wouldn’t a cheaper option be for you to have a system, that the moment the wine arrives, it is stocked in an organised way and a small portion kept close to the customers for easy access?

Review with your staff

Your staff are the ones ‘doing’ the work, so who better to ask about the best systems and processes to implement? Chances are they have an idea that may save time and money. Staff ideas are an invaluable source and one we rarely utilise enough.

Create a calm workplace

My work timelines are mostly run on Court deadlines and for the most part we are organised and everyone is calm. However, there is a moment towards the end, the ‘pointy end’ of the job where things have the ability to get hectic and the possibility for it to go pear-shaped becomes likely.

Having processes in place so that at those frantic moments, you can put your hand on the right information you need to enable you to get that report out the door is, as MasterCard says, priceless.

It only takes a fraction more time to apply the systems when items enter my office, however the pay-off at the end is worth it all.

A calm workplace is a happy workplace and the end of the day that is good for all involved, particularly the bottom line. How are your processes? Could your staff help you to improve their productivity?

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