4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building Your Small Business Website


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building Your Small Business Website

I have been helping businesses to build their online presence for several years now. It’s alway an interesting and rewarding job as websites are often the first exposure a business has with their potential customers.

Unfortunately, too often, websites are either poorly built or forgotten over time. Imagine a customer meeting you for the first time and you’re wearing thongs, a pair of jeans full of holes and a smelly old t-shirt. What do you think your future customer’s first impression of you would be? The same understanding should be applied to your businesses website, as this is the image you’re putting forward first.

Here are 4 things to think about before building your business website:

1. Why do I have/want a website?

This may seem like a very basic question but often business owners create a website without really putting much thought into the purpose it will serve.

Do you need more inbound leads, quote requests or phone enquiries? Do you want to build a website to increase brand awareness? Educate your audience? Encourage sales? Or to collect email addresses and build a database?

Without asking yourself this question, your site is unlikely to perform well.

2. Why is my service/product remarkable and unique?

Have you spent some time thinking about the service/product you are offering? Are you offering the same service/product as John Smith two doors down and you think that having an identical website to John Smith will help you compete with him? If you do, well, let’s say that the path to success will be tedious.

Your site must showcase your points of difference, with colours, fonts and images choices. There is nothing worse than going to five different websites and having the impression that they all offer exactly the same thing.

Be different and show it.

3. How do I make make sure my online presence is a true reflection of the image I want to portray?

Imagine that you’re browsing the internet looking for a restaurant to have a romantic dinner with your partner. While searching, you encounter a website with a black background and gold writing, the image slider has a couple drinking French champagne on a waterfront dining table. You think that you’ve hit the jackpot and immediately book your table for tonight.

On arrival however, you realise that this is far from being a 5 star venue. Let’s just say that tonight might not be your night! Make sure your look and feel will appeal to the customers you want to talk to. This will save everyone a lot of disappointment.

 4. What Imagery am I going to use?

Often when talking to customers I bring up the subject of imagery.

At this point, I usually see a great big smile on their face as they tell me that they have been photographing their product/premises with their new iPhone and believe it will be a great “hero” image for their main image slider.

Imagery selection is a crucial element when building your website as websites are visual in nature. The images you choose, the colours you select and the fonts you use dictate what the look and feel of your website is like.

If you’re a fun, fresh, hipster-like cafe, your website should reflect that. If you’re more of a classic professional service, your imagery should reflect that instead.

So before you start building your business website, make sure you ask yourself these 4 questions.

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  • Andrew Griffiths

    Congratulations on your very first Smallville article Ben. Nice work mate! Great advice – many more articles to come I’m hoping. Cheers – Andrew

  • Jody p

    Great advice!

    • Ben Versang

      Already working on my next one ;o) and thank you.

  • Valerei

    Great article Ben. thank you

  • Rosemary

    These are great questions to start with. I’d love another four questions to continue with. Can you write an article on that please?

  • Ben Versang

    Hi Rosemary, yes I will do this during the course of the week. Tks for you kind comments.


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