4 Tech Tips for Small Business Owners to Double Their Productivity


4 Tech Tips for Small Business Owners to Double Their Productivity

Small and mid-sized business owners face dozens of challenges on a regular basis. They’re bombarded with a large number of questions, tasks and demands from both their employees and business associates. In order to organise their tasks more efficiently, Small Business owners can use technological innovations to improve their management. Since productivity depends largely on business management, mastering new tech strategies can raise your efficiency to a higher level.

1. Cost-reducing commuting policy

Nowadays, the Internet provides SMB owners with a large number of options related to work organisation. Since commuting is both a time-wasting and cost-incurring activity, entrepreneurs need to think about introducing an efficient commuting policy. For instance, your workers might be more productive if they can work a few days per week from home. Moreover, you can encourage them to come to work by bike or on foot. On the one hand, you’ll have fewer expenses to cover. On the other, the employees will be healthier.

Also, it’s useful to know that commuting expenses aren’t tax deductible in general. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. Read more about it in an article brought by Balance.

2. Frugal network management

Modern small businesses depend on various types of networks. From intranet solutions for smooth in-house communication to fast Internet connections, business professionals have to cope with a large number of network features. What most entrepreneurs do is simply distribute these tasks to their existing IT-team(s). However, this might be a counterproductive strategy. If your employees need to take care of your network system, they’ll have less time for their primary business tasks.

This is why you should think about assigning these tasks to external experts. Outsourced network management can help you reduce employee stress and let them focus on their work. Still, there are both pros and cons regarding this topic; so, read the post published on the Tech Target website that explains outsourcing network management in greater detail.

3. Enhanced employees’ interactivity 

In this day and age, it’s crucial to connect employees in many different ways. Here are some simple techniques that will improve their relations inside a small business:

  • Working in the cloud – Small businesses should encourage their employees to use the benefits of cloud computing and working. Using software tools directly from the cloud and working with online documents are only some of the benefits of the cloud.
  • Communication solutions – From landline phones to smartphones and VoIP services, a contemporary small business should rely on a plethora of various communication solutions. That way, you’ll always be available to domestic and international clients. In return, both your employees and customers will be able to reach you as fast as possible.
  • Launching internal groups – Your workers will be more productive and connected if they launch team groups. For starters, you can use Skype group chats or Facebook groups. However, for more serious business communication and task distribution, turn to some advanced project management tools.

4. Keeping your employees under control

Small business owners might find it difficult to keep an eye on their employees. Running a small business means that you know each worker by their name. As a result, sooner or later every small business becomes like a family. Nevertheless, you must retain a professional attitude and control your workers. For instance, if you have a few vehicles in your fleet, each of them should be equipped with a cutting-edge GPS tracker, so that you can collect data about your worker’s trips. Features such as fuel consumption, travel duration and mileage play an important role when you’re setting your business budget.

Furthermore, you should add time-tracking tools to your business plan. They can help you control the time your employees spend at work.

Technology enables small business owners to implement innovative solutions at affordable rates. Enriching your business with the features presented in this article will boost your productivity. Also, it will make your business look more professional and attractive for new employees, which will pave your way to a successful future.

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