4 Reasons You’re the Perfect Person to Create Your Own Intellectual Property


4 Reasons You’re the Perfect Person to Create Your Own Intellectual Property

If I say to you, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, straight away, you know I’m referring to the work of Stephen Covey.

But you might be thinking, who are you to create intellectual property(IP)? You’re no Stephen Covey. Well, I’m going to ask you, “Who are you not to create your own IP?”

This is going to be a loving kick up the butt and here are four reasons why you are the perfect person to create IP:

1. You have a wealth of experience unique to you.

“I don’t have enough experience.” You hesitate. Without a doubt, you have within you the brilliance, the knowledge, and the expertise to create your own unique IP that develops its own following.

This is your opportunity to create a legacy. A body of work that outlives you and continues to serve beyond your years on this earth. Now I don’t want to scare you with making this into some huge thing that will overwhelm you. You don’t have to redesign the internet. Indeed, it is the simplest of methodologies which will connect with people and last.

It is the sharp ideas, beautifully positioned to the right audience that will get the message across and make a real difference. Dare to put the complex web of your thoughts and brilliance into a clear and concise framework, and you will reach more people. Your contribution will be magnified and your expertise leveraged.

2. You don’t know how valuable it is because you’re too close to it.

When I went to We Are Podcast 2017 I had the pleasure of seeing Glen Carlson on stage. One of the points he made about IP assets is that we tend to devalue them because we’re so close to them. For example, his company had devalued a piece of their IP so much; it had become their rejection letter.

And this is what we call proximity bias. Our closeness to things devalues them. For example, when you have ready access to clean water, it’s less valuable to you. We do the same with the IP in our heads. It could be methods, frameworks, templates, workflows etc. All of this is valuable IP. And sometimes you can’t see how valuable it is because you’re too close to it.

But, if you take it out of your head and turn it into an actual asset, you are more likely to see it as IP, as separate from yourself and therefore more valuable.

3. People will choose to work with you because they like you.

Some people are worried that if they put their IP out there into the world, in paid products or free products, then it will get stolen by less scrupulous people. And that’s a risk with anything, right? There’s always going to be someone willing to copy what you do, especially if you’re successful.

But people can copy what you do, but they can’t copy who you are. Don’t let fear of other people copying you prevent you from creating your legacy. People will still choose to work with you simply because you’re a good fit for them. This isn’t a zero-sum game.

4. You can evolve.

“Won’t creating my IP lock me into one way of doing things for a long time?” Do you think anyone who has become famous for their IP nailed it straight away? No. It evolved over time.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Author unknown (although often incorrectly attributed to Charles Darwin).

I believe in a growth mindset. If I wait until any of my work is perfect, I’ll never complete any of it. So, I urge you to create your IP with your best thinking today. Get it out there. You can always come back and revise it later.

So, there are my four top reasons why you are actually the perfect person to create your IP assets. To recap:

  1. You have a wealth of experience unique to you (embrace it!).
  2. You underestimate the value of things close to you.
  3. Don’t let the fear of being copied rob you of your legacy.
  4. You can always evolve.

At the end of the day, who are you not to create IP assets? You’re the perfect person to take your knowledge and expertise and turn all of it into valuable assets, and it’s a great way to create your legacy.

So, what are you waiting for?

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