4 Productivity Hacks in Hiring Without Sacrificing Quality


4 Productivity Hacks in Hiring Without Sacrificing Quality

How many Human Resources (HR) professionals have thought, “I wish I had less time to make a quality hire?” It can be safely assumed that the answer is, simply, none.

The hiring process is a dynamic and demanding one, and it is only made harder by impending deadlines and an overflowing stack of Curriculum Vitaes. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s possible to keep the quality of your hires while still amping up the productivity along the way. Below are the tried and true tricks for doing more recruitment work in less time (it’s worth it, promise!).

1. Keep up with candidate engagement with automated emails.

In a perfect world, personalised emails could be sent to every candidate, regardless of status in the hiring process. The candidate experience is important and often overlooked, but how can you make the time to perfect it? There are multiple stages that candidates go through, from initial outreach to rejection after a lengthy interview process. Regardless, they will expect (and refresh their email inbox a thousand times looking for) correspondence.

Automated emails using email templates, if executed correctly, can help with this tremendously. Rather than sitting down and typing out candidate emails until your fingers fall off (sorry for the graphic visual, but it would likely happen), there are ways to streamline this process a bit. Take this template, for example:

It would be sent to candidates who are rejected just after shortlisting, so that they aren’t left in the job seeking dark, so to speak. The placeholders, marked with brackets and blue text, could be customised to give an air of personalisation to the message.

2. Brief the whole team on the hiring process.

  • After you have prepared the automated emails as detailed above, make sure all the other employees are in the same recruitment mindset. Hiring together saves time because there are more people to fill roles and duties. It’s ideal for employees to want to chip in for the good of company growth (so don’t force it, in other words)!
  • With employee referral programs comes a great opportunity for quick, quality hires! Referred hires account for some of the top-notch employees out there, but are rarely used. As long as guidelines, tools for sourcing candidates, and incentives are in place, it is a surefire way to enhance your hiring productivity. They will be hired quickly and assimilate in less time than a regular hire would.
  • Clear job descriptions are important to attract qualified candidates, as well as to give the whole office an idea of what is preferred in a hire. That clear, ideal hire should be decided on as a team as soon as the position is open. If everyone weighs in on position requirements, the hire will be more likely to fit in and add value to the company.

3. Establish employer brand early on.

Create an awesome-looking careers site! A careers site that showcases who you are as an employer helps attract the right talent, right away, saving both parties tons of time. How will someone know that they want to apply to your company if they can’t envision themselves working there? Use employee testimonials, team photos, or quirky videos to build your employer brand and highlight what your company can do for the professional career of your next hire.

4. Make use of talent pools.

Keep active talent pools, whether you are actively hiring or not. Sourcing all year round isn’t something that hiring teams normally think about doing, but it can save so much time in the long run. Storing potential candidate information in an easy-to-access place allows you to reach out to top talent quickly. The job market is nothing if not fast-paced, so it’s crucial to be time-sensitive with your recruitment outreach.

With these new time-savers, you are ready to start putting together the quickest, most efficient hiring strategy you have ever used! Just remember to continuously optimise the hiring process along the way. Track your progress, and identify areas of weakness that are slowing you down. Now and then, read this article again for a refresher of how to cut down on time and increase new hire quality.

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