4 Mistakes Stopping You From Getting Daily Referrals


4 Mistakes Stopping You From Getting Daily Referrals

Just imagine for a moment, that every morning you checked your emails, a qualified referral was waiting for you. Yes, every morning. 7 new leads a week. And not just any leads but people who actually want the service or product that you sell. What would that do for your business?

Getting referrals does not need to be hard and in fact you should be able to get one a day if you stopped shooting yourself in the foot.

What sort of partners are you attracting?

The type of referral partners you attract makes all the difference to your success. Most people only try to find partners with big networks, they focus on ‘how big is there network’ which is a mistake. A great referral partner should have a number of qualities that you want to check off your list.

Firstly, they need to have an abundance mindset, one of giving, they also need to have similar values as yourself. If your values are not aligned, then you will leave one another pretty quickly. They need to have credibility within their network. If their network doesn’t listen to them when they talk then there is no point being a partner. They need to have the time to help you, promote you and work with you. Someone who doesn’t have time, will never have time as they don’t see it as a priority. And finally they need to be someone you can have fun with, that you want to talk to and that you want to help.

When using these criteria to find your referral partners, you are setting yourself up for success. Remember take your time and find the right partners, it will make all the difference long term.

We must train our partners.

We work so hard to get referral partners and then we hope that they can find us referrals and new opportunities without actually teaching them what to do. Training your partners is the single most important step you can take to ensure that you receive referrals each day. Could you find referrals for your partners if you didn’t understand what they did, how they helped their clients, the solutions they offered, what they needed to listen out for? It certainly would make it hard and that is why we must take the time to train our partners to be like and think like us.

Communicating and creating action plans.

You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve found the right partners, you’ve spent the time and trained them and now it is time for you to see those referrals come in. Unless you are consistently strategising with your partners on how to get into each other’s networks, it won’t happen.

At worst, you should be speaking with your partners each fortnight, certainly weekly works best. We need to be creating action plans, working out what to do to create new opportunities for one another and strategising. This is where the business is created. If you are just sitting back waiting for your referral partner to give you a referral you could be waiting a long time.

It is time to get of your backside and make it happen.

Engaging with our network daily.

We have so many opportunities right in front of our noses, but because we are so focused on getting new opportunities, new leads, new contacts, new sales we forget about what is already around us. Every day we need to engage with our current network, we need to touch base, see how they are and see what we could do together to help one another.

With technology and phone plans that allow us to reach everyone no matter where they are in the world, there is no excuse to not engage with your network. A simple engagement plan where you speak to 20 people a week means that you could be creating 100 new opportunities each month. What would that do for your business?

Getting referrals does not need to be hard when you stop shooting yourself in the foot. 97% of people ‘hope’ to get referrals but don’t think about what they are doing and if what they are doing is delivering results. No matter if you go to networking groups, referral groups or casually catch up with people, getting referrals is all about having a plan and working that plan.

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