30 Ways to Make Sure People Watch Your Video


30 Ways to Make Sure People Watch Your Video

Having an impressive video is a must have for any organisation today. However it is of no value if people don’t see it. To help ensure your video is seen by your target audience here are my top 30 ways to ensure your video is seen.

1. Host it on YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine. The videos on YouTube can be watched on mobile devices and are easily shared. Maximise YouTube search ability with these tips

2. Host it on Vimeo – Vimeo is another free video hosting platform like YouTube. It broadens your audience with a couple of clicks.

3. Include it in your email signature – This simple step will see your video being viewed by inquisitive email recipients hundreds of times. If you share the YouTube link and the recipient uses Google apps or Gmail for their email, they will be able to view the video directly within their email.

4. Embed it on your website – Although a lot of people make videos purely for this purpose, this in itself is not enough to capture views, but it should certainly be part of your strategy

5. Don’t hide it on your website – Too often I find videos cleverly hidden in the depths of a website. Video is rich, engaging format. Showcase it proudly and obviously on your site. Position your video above the fold.

6. Use clear video thumbnails as links on your website – Having a text based link is a sure fire way to have your video overlooked. Provide a clear image with a video icon on it so people know when they click a video will play.

7. Tell people about it in your newsletter – Let people know about your video when you sent out email newsletters. Again include a visual that makes it clear that when they click a video will play

8. Create stories about the video – Tell stories about why the video was made, how it was made, what happened during the making.

9. Post it on Facebook – If you upload to Facebook the video will have more chance of being viewed if it is uploaded directly to Facebook (as opposed to provide a link to the YouTube url). It is best practice to include captions when posting to Facebook.

10. Post it on Facebook groups – Are you a member of a group who would benefit from seeing the video. Don’t be shy – show it to them.

11. Post it on LinkedIn – Create Pulse article about the video and include in the article.

12. Share it with groups on LinkedIn – Are there specific target groups within LinkedIn who need to see the video? Then let me know about it.

13. Post it on Twitter – Include the video with a brief message on Twitter. Do it often and regularly

14. Post it on Instagram – Share the love with your Instagram following

15. Buffer it – Use a tool like BufferApp or Hootsuite to schedule the distribution of your video on specific platforms at specific times.

16. Do it live – Is there an important event that relates to the message in your video? Then make sure you play to your captive audience. Group viewing has power in it. Just make sure you have a good sound system organised for the playback.

17. Organise events – Consider planning and organising events to support your cause, invite your target audience and play the video.

18. Pre-meeting introductions – Are you meeting someone who is your target person? Send them the link to the video prior to the meeting. This will enable them to get on board with your message before you meet and it allows you to focus on their priorities during the meeting.

19. Be mobile ready – Have the video pre-loaded on your phone, iPad, laptop. If the opportunity arises you can show it on the spot.

20. Targeted marketing – With Facebook advertising you are can now use your videos to specifically target your ideal audience.

21.YouTube advertising – Promote you video on YouTube

22. LinkedIn advertising – Target your LinkedIn prospects with advertising

23. FTP transfer – Upload your video via Hightail, WeTransfer, Dropbox so that it can be downloaded by someone who wants to watch it offline. This is also handy if someone else is going to share it on your behalf.

24. Ask your community to share the love – You have people who are already supporting your cause. Reach out and ask them to share the love and share the video within their networks – email newsletters, Facebook community, LinkedIn community, Instagram community.

25. USB distribution – Contact a promotional company for some clever USB sticks and embed the video on these promotional tools.

26. Develop partnership channels – Who has the same audience as you? Find ways to support each other and ask them to showcase your video. This has the potential to reach a much wider audience.

27. Create a campaign – Your video is delivering a message so consider others ways to deliver that message and incorporate the video as one part of the strategy. For example you might create text on information, an infographic, a stunning visual and the video. These would be sent out over a period of time.

28. Share it many times – Rarely is video suitable for just one occasion. I’ve produced 20 year corporate anniversary videos, special event videos and they can still be repeated. Sharing with a message as simple as “Check out the video we made for our 20 year event” sets a context and creates a reason to watch (or rewatch).

29. Encourage participants/interviewees to share the video – Is there someone featured in the video. Ask them to share it.

30. Engage with comments to keep the videos current in the news feeds.

After going to all the trouble of making an awesome video, get it out in front of people. What other ways are you using to have your videos seen?

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  • Andrew Griffiths

    A great article Geoff – very practical and helpful – thanks so much mate. Cheers – Andrew

    • Geoff Anderson

      Thanks AG. I need to remind myself about these sometimes. Now I know where to look. 🙂

  • Renee Hasseldine

    Great tips in here, Geoff. Things I hadn’t even thought of – like putting a video in my email signature or creating a USB. Thanks for the inspiration!

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