3 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out


3 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

When I help my clients with creating a marketing system for their Small Business, one of the main pillars is sharing generous content with their audience.

However, in this age of too much noise (and in my humble opinion, not enough substance), content shock and less than goldfish attention spans, how do you differentiate your content? How do you stand out with your content when it feels that everything you ever wanted to say has already been said and then some more?

The key to standing out with your content depends on your ‘Unicorn Selling Proposition’(USP). And your USP begins by you specifically understanding and incorporating the following three things into your content.

Three ways to make your content stand out:

1. Your personality.

As a Small Business owner, your business is very much an extension of you. Are you the storyteller, the truth teller, the entertainer or the teacher? Understand your personality and incorporate that into your content. It will also help you nail down the platforms that will work the best for you.

For example, your personality might light up Facebook Lives while mine might be brilliant at writing. Personality-driven content generates an emotional response. People buy from people they trust, and they tend to trust people they know and like. If you want people to know, like and trust you, you should give them a chance to peek into who the real you is. I talk about being an introvert, zealous about spending time with my family, a Bollywood fan and many other facets of my life in my content.

Your personality is an integral part of your online business, but you don’t have to overshare or lay it all out. If you come across as a negative, whiny or a jealous person, people will be put off and will not stick around to consume your content, no matter how good it is.

2. Your weirdness.

You began this adventure to be yourself 100% of the time, but somewhere along the line, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ of the business world caught up with you, and you started sounding like everyone else in your niche. To make your content truly stand out bring in your little quirks and the things that make you feel like a misfit but honestly will end up making you more relatable.

The fact is that weirdness is memorable and it stands out. As long as your weirdness is not insulting or humiliating, it can make your brand truly unforgettable. For example, I share about being obsessed with the Potter universe and psychological thrillers, and even though not all of my audience members are Potterheads, they appreciate my levels of obsession and how I tie them with my marketing world.

To tap into your quirky traits, first list them down. Now blend these consistently in your work, both in the voice of your content and the way you show up on social media. Remember, there are plenty of people who will resonate with your particular brand of weird. But only if you let it show.

3. Your thought leadership.

In simple words, “What do you stand for?” What are the things that you are going to be vocal about, opinions that you will embrace without the fear of being judged? Most content pieces focus on the needs, questions and the solving of the problems of your audience; content that meets the customers where they are, by helping them with an issue that they think they need help for right now. Thought leadership content is different.

Thought leadership creates an ongoing dialogue about the way things are done in your industry or niche. You might either be adding some nuances to the usual methods or creating a whole new way of doing or looking at things.  For example, most of my content is geared towards helping my clients plan content, market their business and I also write about the concept of ‘Aligned Marketing’, which I believe is an innovative yet simple way of marketing.

So, understand your personality, tap into your weirdness and embrace your thought leadership and your content will stand out like a purple cow.

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