3 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude in Your Organisation


3 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude in Your Organisation

How much gratitude do you cultivate in your organisation? Being grateful isn’t just something that we should do to be polite – it’s fundamental to our health and happiness.

Studies show that when we cultivate gratitude we experience less anxiety and depression and are generally happier in life. We have less negative thoughts and are more content. But how does this translate to a business setting?

Cultivating gratitude within your organisation, no matter how large or small, can have a huge impact on your staff culture and their happiness levels. Naturally, if your people are happier at work that will have a knock on effect to your customers as they feel that kumbaya energy radiating from your team.

Another thing that you might not give enough weight to is the fact that the most important thing that your staff want from you, more than money or status, is to feel valued and important, or in other words to feel like they’re appreciated. Most people that leave their jobs do so because they don’t feel appreciated or valued.

Actively cultivating gratitude in your workplace can change the dynamic of your team and lead to a happier place to work for everyone. It will ensure that everyone feels validated for the good work that they are doing and that you recognise their contribution.

Cultivating gratitude should go beyond simply saying thank you. It’s about really connecting with the feeling of why you’re thankful and communicating this with meaning. It’s about more than simply giving someone ‘employee of the month’ – it’s about recognising people’s strengths and celebrating them with them.

Here are a few things you can put in place to help to get your grateful on:

1. Elaborate on Thank you.

When you thank someone in your organisation, make a point of saying why. For instance, if your assistant gets you an appointment with someone that has been hard to get to, rather than just saying ‘thanks’ say ‘thank you for getting that done, this meeting is really important to me so I appreciate it’.

2. Recognise the small things

If someone is doing a great job, let them know you appreciate it. For example, if one of your staff takes initiative to improve things you might say ‘thank you so much for changing that system, I really appreciate that you’re taking the time to make things run more smoothly around here’.

3. Give your staff thank you cards

Keep a stack of thank you cards and get your staff to give 3 out each week. This could be to a client, colleague or supplier. Give instructions to be descriptive and to let the person know exactly why they are thanking them and what impact this has had for them. Of course, do this yourself as well.

Although it might seem corny – taking that bit of extra time to cultivate gratitude within your business sets a positive tone that will be appreciated by everyone in your organisation.

Oh, and thanks for reading.

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