3 Tips for Creating Your Content Efficiently


3 Tips for Creating Your Content Efficiently

Would you rather flush your head down a toilet than sit down and create content? Does it feel like a massive pain in the butt? And, even when you sit down to create something, it takes you ‘waaaay’ longer than you feel it should? Are you spending six hours to write one blog post …

If that’s the case, here are my top 3 tips for creating content efficiently:

1. Get in the zone.

You need to set the scene to give yourself the best chance of success. Content creation can go off on tangents and takes as long as you let it. You need to get in the zone, follow the system and you will create something of true value in an efficient way.

How to get in the zone:

  • Create the space.

Create the mental and physical space you need to allow your creativity to flow. So, remove all distractions. Block out time. Turn off your alerts, etc.

  • Use your body.

Moving your body will help the energy to flow. Engage your physiology in the creative process and release those blockages. It can be as simple as standing up and using a whiteboard instead of being trapped behind your computer.

  • Be colourful.

Use colour abundantly to help stimulate your thoughts and emotions. Highlighters. Post it notes. Textas!

  • Soundscape it.

Try setting the scene with gentle, natural sounds like waves crashing or birds singing. If you like, you can even try some instrumental music!

Don’t censor yourself. Get it all out first. Edit later.

  • Set a time limit.

If you had to make a presentation at 9.00 am tomorrow, you’d be ready. So, give yourself a firm time limit in which to get it done. If you give yourself one full day to write a blog post, it’ll take you the whole damn day. So, set yourself a time limit to do it in an hour. I dare you.

2. Batch processing.

I could set up my lights, my backdrop, do my hair and makeup and record just one video. Every single week.

Or I could do all of the setup and record 13 videos in 2 hours instead. Given those options, the second one is obviously way more efficient.

It takes me less time to batch record videos. And, because I’m doing so many, I can get into a rhythm which makes presenting to camera easier.

3. Repurpose your content.

It would be pretty wasteful to just record those videos and chuck them on social media. I’m all about repurposing the hell out of everything I create. The videos become the basis for blog posts, articles, etc. They also contain quotes that can be made into social media images.

When you’re creating your content, map out and execute the different ways to repurpose that content. If you struggle with this, you can even think about hiring a Content Assistant or a Content Manager to repurpose it for you.

Make content creation easy.

Content creation doesn’t have to be hard. Even if it’s not in your zone of genius, you can still create content efficiently.

Make it easy on yourself by following the 3 principles:

  1. Get in the zone.
  2. Batch process your content.
  3. Repurpose your content.

How do you approach content creation? Do you already do some or all of these things? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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