3 Steps to Avoid Failure Through Knowing


3 Steps to Avoid Failure Through Knowing

A knowing is not only a thinking strategy; it starts as feeling.

Failing is a tough blow to accept. It can ripple through every aspect of your life and crush your motivation and confidence. What if I suggested that your approach to how you pursue success is the key to the level of success you will achieve.

Some people have this ability naturally and don’t even know that they are knowing, however, the ability to connect with your instinct and bring it to the next level through your knowing ability; that is the holy grail of success.

What is a knowing?

We have all heard of intuition and how powerful your instinct is. A knowing is the next level from instinct; it is the practice of being able to connect with your natural ability to be instinctive and combining it with the skill of thinking something through, combining both to make a decision on what action best aligns with your highest potential.

How can you access your knowing?

If connecting with your knowing is not something you can do naturally, don’t worry. You can work on it by first being conscious of how you approach opportunities, goals and interactions.

Knowing when to take action is often the key to next levelling. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t know why but I felt compelled to take action”? Those people connected with the feeling, they thought about it, and then they took action at the exact moment they were supposed to; channelling their knowing for optimum success. It happens all around us; you are probably already doing it in aspects of your life so why not become more aware and focused with your knowing to up-level your success.

When time and circumstance align, magic happens.

I was ticking along slowly building a publishing press, connected to my knowing but not fully aware and focused on the highest potential I could reach by committing more consciously to the strategy. It was after I attended a conference in 2015 that I realised I had the skills but wasn’t being truly brave, I was growing but playing it safe. I needed to think bigger; I needed to push myself past my boundaries because I have always known that magic resides just outside of our comfort zone.

So I did something huge. I booked half an Irish castle and announced that we would be hosting a writers retreat there. I did not have any guarantees that it would work out but I did have the feeling, thought about it and took action when I needed to.

It is important to remember that we are surrounded by energy. Lots of circumstances that are out of our control also contribute to that energy, but when things are perfectly aligned you will ‘know’.

My 3 step knowing strategy:

1. Feel it!

2. Think it!

3. Action it!

It may seem simple, but this strategy has big results.

Feeling it gives you permission to consider if the opportunities presenting themselves to you are aligned with where you are planning on going.

Thinking it allows you to assess the benefits of the opportunity.

Actioning it is when you move forward to get the ball rolling on the opportunity, aligning it with your future vision.

By working with this strategy every time you are uncertain about saying yes or no it will help you to make unwavering decisions that work for the higher good of your business success.

Do you work with your knowing already? Or, do you work keeping your instinct and thought processes separate?

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