3 Simple Ways to Stop Playing Push Pull


3 Simple Ways to Stop Playing Push Pull

Have you ever decided on a goal and then further down the track wondered why you are still pushing and pulling?

Well you’re not the only one, I’ve set goals myself and then either changed the completion date or changed the goal completely as time progressed.

There are many reasons why we don’t achieve goals that we enthusiastically set out in pursuit of. I have shared a couple of these reasons in two earlier articles “Ever wondered why you don’t achieve your goals” Part one and Part two.

Our environment can also play a large part in this. We are living in a world that is constantly changing. Goodness, I’m not that old myself and the mobile phone was invented in my lifetime!

I remember as a kid, picking up a wall phone with a number dial not knowing who was on the other end, and if we were outside of the home we couldn’t be contacted. Now most of us carry around a phone in our pocket or bag and can be contacted at any time. We have information always available at our fingertips, which brings with it a whole Aladdin’s Cave full of possibilities and opportunities.

Imagine if I had stubbornly refused to change and was still using that dial phone now, how limiting that would be!

Set goals

It’s important to set goals because they give us direction and the motivation and drive to get off the starting line. Goals help us stay on track and can keep us motivated when presented with challenges along the way. Setting goals begins a process of achievement so you can begin to create a pathway. When you are working your way along that pathway, its important to stay aware of what is changing and have the flexibility to change also.

Have awareness

Stay aware of yourself, what you are doing and your environment and whether you are achieving results you want. If you step back and do this assessment regularly it can save you a lot of time and energy. When you start taking action to achieve goals it often takes you out of your comfort zone and this changes the way you see your world. You become aware of so many more opportunities and this may change the direction you want to head in and that’s okay. The world around you may also change and that may mean that the goal you originally set is no longer relevant to what you are aiming for in the big picture.

Be flexible

Become flexible in your thinking and in your actions. You may be plugging away at a strategy that’s not working and it may just be about changing the strategy or tweaking things just slightly. Or, your changing environment may have had an effect on what you want to achieve. Many people once they set out on a goal, become concerned that if they don’t achieve it then its failure. The truth is, sometimes our goals are no longer something we want or need, or are no longer relevant in our present environment. So this is about being honest with yourself about why you are changing the goal. Are you letting yourself off or have things really changed? If you are letting yourself off then maybe you need to change the way you are looking at it!

Change the goal and create new direction

If the goal you’ve been playing push pull with is no longer something you want, is no longer relevant in your current environment  or needs to be adjusted just slightly then change it. It might be you just need to change the date or you may want to change the goal completely. The important thing here is that you have a goal to aim for because this is what creates direction, brings growth and keeps you growing as a business owner.

At the end of the day, this is about growing as a person and growing your business. There’s no point in just keeping head down and bum up plugging away at something that isn’t working. It’s about having the awareness and flexibility to change and move forward so you can achieve the results you want in your changing world.

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