3 Simple Tips to Leverage Your Business via Your Personal Social Media Channels


3 Simple Tips to Leverage Your Business via Your Personal Social Media Channels

Having a social media presence is necessary to leverage your business in today’s world.

I have just come back from a huge three days at Social Media Marketing World, learning from some of the big names in the online space.

At the heart of everything that was spoken about during that time was this little fact that we are in an era of Human to Human Marketing, not just B2C or B2B – but human to human. 

We hear the cliche “people do business with people” so how are you leaning into the ‘people’ part of your online footprint.

Here are three simple tips that will help you leverage your business and take advantage of your personal social media channels. 

1. Facebook: Link your business social accounts or website from your personal Facebook profile. 

This is a huge missed opportunity, especially for Small Business owners. Be loud and proud about what you have created and ensure that you link to these items in your personal profile.

I am not saying you need to talk about your business on your personal profile all-the-time (which by the way is a big no-no in Facebook land).

Rather it makes sense that if people come across your profile online, maybe your friends, friends of friends as part of the phenomenon that is Word of Mouth – make sure they can find your business from a place that people regularly congregate – Facebook.

We do want to do business with people we know, like and trust – so don’t make it difficult for people to tap into your business, especially when as Small Business owners, our business is so much a part of who we are. Leverage your business through trust.

Unsure what to do?  Follow along with this step by step guide. 

  • Dive into Edit Profile on your personal account.
  • Then update your workplace with your Business. 
  • On the left-hand side of your profile page scroll to the bottom area and you will see link options.  Move your mouse into this section and then update with the various ways people can find you for business. 
  • Update your details with the business websites and social links relevant to you – make sure you set this information to the PUBLIC. Otherwise, only your friends will see this. People are checking you out on social media, so make sure you make public what is most valuable to you and your business.

2. Instagram: Ensure that you put your Website link in your Personal Instagram Account bio area and let people know about your business as well.

Even if you have a private Instagram account where people need to request to follow you – tell them about your business and link to your website from the bio area.

People have likely heard about you via other people and are searching for you online. This is an easy way to leverage your business.

They may not know your business name – but they will have heard of you – this will be the most memorable thing about your business – YOU!

You are your business. You need to lean into this everywhere.

3. LinkedIn: Don’t talk about yourself in the 3rd person.

Linkedin has always been a person to person social media platform – it shouldn’t be seen as a recruitment site.

In fact, for business, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful places for you to grow your business footprint via brand you!

It is one of the few places where you can grow reach without paying for it – yes organic reach still exists inside LinkedIn.

So don’t structure your bio area like you are applying for a job, or worse if someone else is advocating on your behalf for a job – i.e. Leanne is a Digital Marketing with almost 20 years experience etc., etc.

Leverage your business by talking about your expertise, what you love about your work, where you get the most satisfaction and most importantly how your work helps others – speak directly to the people who are wanting to connect with you.

Don’t just drop your job title into your headline area, use short, punchy headings to get to the heart of what you do.

As Small Business owners, we are our businesses, so any chance you get to promote your business via social media in the ways outlined here, help you get discovered.

In an era of so much online noise, don’t forget that word of mouth will drive so much of your business still. 

When people are looking for your name in the neighbourhoods that they congregate online – make it easy for them to come to know your business too.

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