3 Simple Steps to Stand Out From the Competition as a Public Speaker


3 Simple Steps to Stand Out From the Competition as a Public Speaker

Have you ever worried about competition as a public speaker?

If you have, then hopefully this is great news that you no longer should feel the need to do that. There’s one thing, one big reason why you should not be in the slightest worried about the competition. It’s because when you do this one thing, then the element of competition goes away.

Cavett Robert, the Founder of the National Speakers Association in America, had a wonderful attitude to competition – “Let’s build a bigger pie!”

There are so many opportunities now to embrace your competition where it makes sense to do so. There are many benefits to collaboration. These include: bringing value to your audience offering that they wouldn’t get from you alone, creative sharing and most importantly, list sharing.

Here are 3 simple steps that will ensure you can be confident in standing out from your competition as a public speaker:

Step 1 – Know yourself, know your point of difference.

You are unique. You are brilliant. You have unlimited potential within you. Clarity is power. When you know exactly what it is you do for people, what problem you solve for them and they get it, you’re on a winner. To reach this point as a speaker can take years for people, but it doesn’t have to; this is where a coach can add value and get you there sooner.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably have competitors who deliver the same (or a similar) product or service to you. What sets you apart as an entrepreneur speaker, is your point of difference about your product or service; make this sharp, keep refining it and polish the gem until it is crystal clear and unlike any other.

An example of this is Mark Anastasi. Mark is an internet marketer superstar, but he doesn’t go around telling everyone this; he is simply known as ‘The Laptop Millionaire’. People see themselves in his title which creates an image. Everyone knows him as ‘The Laptop Millionaire’, so rather than competing in the marketplace with all of the other ‘internet marketers’; he instead stands out.

Be so unique you cannot be compared.

Step 2 – Be in demand.

Get so good at what you do and become known for solving that problem in your special way. Solve problems and get testimonials. Get over yourself and anything that is holding you back; this is normally mindset or people around you with negative attitudes. To get noticed, create movement; once you get going and gain momentum, your energy will attract people. An example of this is my building my community of 2000+ entrepreneur speakers within a six month period.

Get so good at what you do they are chasing you.

Step 3 – Collaborate.

Don’t go it alone – collaborate! Team up with other influencers even if they share a similar topic, e.g. coaches, entrepreneurs, etc. You can still team up to serve the audience; especially if you have done Step 1 well. Merge the topic into a super-sized, added value, extra cheese version. For example, at a Professional Speakers Australia convention, we heard from Max Walker AM (may he rest in peace) who helped us with storytelling and Natasa Denman who helped us with becoming an author.

Find out if you’re a good fit for collaboration by asking yourself:

  • Do we get along?
  • Is there a clear distinction between our topics?
  • What do people go to who you are collaborating with for? versus
  • What do people come to me for?

Great relationships and collaborations are everywhere; Elton John is a great collaborator in music.

Make a list of potential collaborators right now.

“In a sea full of sameness, don’t be afraid to swim in your own space.”

By allowing yourself to be the most amazing version of you, this opens up a world of new opportunities, collaborations and new audiences.

Go for it. You ROCK!

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