3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Should Differ for Each Channel of Your Brand


3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Should Differ for Each Channel of Your Brand

If you want to get ahead in 2016,  then your social media strategy needs to understand the behaviours of your customers. I know from first hand experience that a customer who shops with you online will interact with you differently to one that shops with you in store.

When I first set up my online shop Bulk Whole Foods in February 2013 –  I started using Facebook to promote my online business.  Fast forward 10 months and I was opening a physical retail shop and my instinct told me to give this shop its own social media presence and separate Facebook page. So far this strategy has worked for me.

Here are the top 3 reasons why:


People in your shop can connect with you on a physical level, completely different to online. Customers who visit you in store are also more likely to be local people living in your community and want to be able to connect with you because you have things in common such as location, similar interests (that’s why they shop at your store right) and will most likely know the same people as you do.

It’s hard to get this connection online. You’ll need to share more personal information – photos of you and your staff and maybe even something that’s not related to your business so your online customers get to know a bit about who you are. Otherwise they will have trouble connecting with you.


Depending on your type of business and structure you may have completely different products for sale across different platforms and/or locations. You may also find that one product sells really well online but not so well in store and vice versa.

Getting your marketing message out via Facebook on one fan page for both locations may not be the best way to communicate what you are trying to sell. What if you have something for sale in store that your online customers can’t purchase. Or what if you have an online only special because sales are slow but your in store customers can’t have the same discount?

It’s easy to say make sure you align your product range and sell the same products, promote the same offers. But it doesn’t always work that way. You may have a product that needs to be refrigerated and can’t be sold online or you may have a bulky item for sale in store that’s too costly or awkward to ship.

When you post about different offers on social media you are essentially cutting off a percentage of your followers, and no one wants to miss out on something that looks good.


Who is your customer and what do they like? If your business is spread across different locations whether that be online and/ or bricks and mortar  – you will find that you have a variety of customer avatars for each site that you need to market to.

If your online customer is a single female 25 – 34 with an interest in healthy foods and keeping fit, then she may not care to see lots of social media posts on how to get the kids involved in cooking healthy meals in the kitchen.

Likewise if your retail shop customer is a married woman with 3 kids aged 34 – 44 she may not care to see a post featuring a 25 year old woman in gym gear with a smoothie in her hand.

When your customers are different – then your social media posts need to cater for this too.

It all comes down to understanding who your customers are that shop at each of your locations and delivering them what they want, when they want it.

Surely that can’t be too hard right?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have an online shop and separate retail shop with a successful social media strategy that aligns the two locations? Or perhaps you are set up similar to me and have some stories to share? Let me know in the comments.

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