3 Lessons an Uber Driver Taught Me About Life


3 Lessons an Uber Driver Taught Me About Life

I moved house recently, and my partner and I decided to catch an Uber truck to our new place, along with my four beautiful bunnies.

Along came 4.8-star Rino to lend a hand, a retired Italian chef. Now I’m sure you can relate to this, moving house isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So, it was such a relief when Rino greeted me with a big smile and a warm hello.

Over the next two hours, he shared some wonderful stories and life philosophies that reminded me why the simple things in life often carry the most impact and value.

Here are the highlights of our journey together:

1. Everything great takes time.

I was curious about how to make a great pizza dough. He responded with the key ingredient, “Time.” Now I’m no expert bread maker, but the times I have made bread (aka just once at school), I do know there’s yeast involved. Little did I know though, that when you leave the bread mix of flour and water, nature quite literally takes care of everything else. Yeast naturally forms and voila! The dough rises.

The thing is though that takes time; our societies biggest commodity. So, it’s common to add yeast as it speeds up the process meaning more can be made faster. But like any ‘hack’ there’s a downside, and often that means the dough isn’t as light or easy to digest.

This got me thinking about the dangers of business shortcuts or ‘hacks’; all those ‘earn $10k a month by simply blinking twice’ kind of hacks. The reality is, you can’t rush the process of creating a sustainable business. It takes time and a few ounces of patience.

2. Relationship building isn’t a game of chess.

Now I might not have chef credentials like Rino, but I do love to cook! Rino talked about the kitchen being a limitless space to create anything and everything. I told him how cooking for my partner, friends and family is one of the ways I express my love and gratitude.

I never strategise this, I never measure anything, and I always give, in this way, simply to give. “Relationships are like cooking”, he responded. Meaning, always have the right intentions and give space to allow things to develop naturally.

3. Always have a beginner’s mindset.

I’m definitely a self-confessed history nerd. I truly believe the answers to a lot of today’s frustrations lie in what and who came before us. So any opportunity I get to learn something new about history; I’m there!

Now even if you’re not a fan of all things historical, I hope you love pizza because here’s a fun fact I learnt:

“Margherita pizza was originally made for the Queen and is red, green and white as a way to celebrate Italy.”

How cool is that? What’s not cool though, is dairy. Now I won’t lie, when Rino started to talk about his love for mozzarella, I cringed. I told him I’m vegan and how awesome Notzarella is. I admit, part of me was feeling a bit anxious about how he may respond, but thankfully, he was curious and keen to try it.

Not only that but he asked more questions about vegan food and how it could help him lead a happier and healthier life.

Once we’ parted ways I reflected back on everything we chatted about and how much it’d impacted me. It reminded me of this powerful quote I love by Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Now over to you which of these lessons resonate the most with you right now?

Pop a comment below and let me know.

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