3 Content Mistakes That Will Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Year


3 Content Mistakes That Will Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Year

I will never forget the absolute grilling I got from my very first editor (he screamed the office down!) in my first month as a journalist because I’d spelt someone’s name wrong in a story.

I cried.

It was a rookie error, but he was right. Names are the one true thing you must get right every single time. “People like to see their names, Liz,” he screamed at me through the office wall in front of the team. “They will remember if you get it wrong. Their name is important to them and it should be important to you.” There were probably a few other expletives and more heated words, but you get the gist.

This was one of my biggest mistakes as a journalist, but it’s the same for online content writing.

Here are three major content writing mistakes that will stop you making a connection with your readers and converting them clients.

1. Do nothing at all

Biggest. Mistake. Ever. It still baffles me that business owners don’t blog … but worse don’t have a website and instead opt for a Facebook page. The benefits of blogging and online content are so immense there aren’t enough words to describe it – not in this blog anyway.

Blogging is one of the most undervalued and underutilised forms of marketing still! Not only does it help build a relationship with your readers, it can get more traffic to your site, it’s a winner with search engines and it allows you to be an authority in your space. Not to mention the extra cash you can generate from it – hello, repurposing your blogs in a book, online course, workshop, keynote speech. These few tactics along could be worth tens of thousands of dollars a year to your business.

2. Boring, sloppy copy

If your content is boring and full of mistakes, you will lose readers. That’s potentially thousands of dollars a year, right there walking out your door. Be different and standout so you can generate more leads and sales from only the best clients. Think about how you can help them and what issues they are having.

For example, I know when I’m teaching people how to write a big problem they have is confidence and putting themselves out there. It’s a huge fear. I know they don’t have much time to write and need a set structure on how to write content that connects and coverts. I also know they want to learn about SEO.

How do I know all of this … I ask them!

Make sure your content rocks and it will get results. It will open up so many opportunities you wouldn’t even think are possible.

3. Outsourcing incorrectly

Please, whatever you do, if you are going to outsource make sure you get someone who is experienced in writing for the web. You don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing playing around with your “webutation” and credibility. If you get in a ghost writer or ghost blogger, they need to get to know you and your business so they can write on your behalf. They need to mimic you – and this is a hard task. But there are people out there who can do it really well.

I can’t count the number of horror stories I’ve heard about outsourcing and how much it has cost business owners because of their brief or lack of knowledge about outsourcing and what they want to achieve.

SIDE NOTE: Be very careful of plagiarism. I outsourced an article once and the quality that came back was incredible. It was actually so amazing that I questioned it. I cut and paste it into a Google search and found, the writer had used it on other platforms and it was not even their own original work. OMG! Just be aware.

There are many other mistakes people make but these are three of the most noteworthy. What problems are you having with your content? Are you making any of these? Shoot me a comment below. I’m also happy to answer any content questions you have, so post those as well.

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