The 3 Biggest Killers of Hope


The 3 Biggest Killers of Hope

Are you sabotaging your business by losing hope?  

You don’t have to allow this to happen. Here are 3 of the biggest killers of hope and what you can do to overcome them:

1. Doubt.

  • Self-doubt. 

When self-doubts take up space in your mind, they cripple you from achieving the best out of life. When it is so severe that you lose hope, you are really in trouble. That is not to say that it is unfixable.

What to do instead: Figure out where you learned to doubt yourself. This is not a natural state of being. It is a learned behavior and it can be unlearned. Or more accurately, it can be cleared from your emotional memory, using amazing healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as ‘tapping’.

It may be that you need the guidance of a skilled practitioner to help you locate the events that need to be healed. I promise you it will be well worth the effort involved. 

  • Doubt about other things.

When the problem is doubt about other people or things in your life, the process is similar.  Don’t let those seeds of doubt take root in your mind and heart.  You can be free of them.  You deserve to be free of them.

2. Fear.

  • Fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection could well be one of the biggest fears that people have. We all want to be accepted and acknowledged for who we are. When we perceive that is not happening, we feel hurt. We begin to question ourselves. We might even see it as an affirmation of that faulty core belief that we took on as a very young child; perhaps that we are ‘not good enough’ or ‘not lovable enough’. 

What to do instead: If this is your ‘hope killer’, you are best served to find the early event (0 – 7 years of age) where you first learned (perceived) that you were ‘not good enough’ or ‘not lovable enough’.  Now it is that event that needs to be healed.

It does not have to be a big traumatic thing. Very young babies and children are in the Theta brainwave state, where everything around them is interpreted as being because of them. It could be as simple as Mum and Dad fighting or feeling stressed during the pregnancy with you. 

  • Fear of failure (or success). 

Fear of failure or success can stop you in your tracks and it is the feeling of being stuck and not achieving what you want that causes you to lose hope. It can seem that no matter how hard you try, there is always something that sabotages your success. It is all coming from a subconscious belief that you have held since early childhood. It might be as simple as seeing your parent fail in business or in relationships and worrying that you will repeat that pattern. Or it could be a limiting belief as previously discussed.

What to do instead:  Again, it is a matter of locating what has caused you to feel this unconscious fear. Then, perhaps with the help of a skilled practitioner, heal the original hurt and reimprint your belief about yourself.

The truth of the matter is that you are good enough, you are lovable enough. It is just the circumstances of your life so far, that has caused you to perceive (believe) otherwise.

 3. Anger.

  • Not letting go of resentment and hurt.

If you find that you are holding onto old anger or resentment, I promise you it won’t be troubling the person you are angry with. They have long since let it go. It is only a problem for you, and you are letting that person you are angry or resentful of, rent space in your mind and in your life, at no cost to them, but at enormous cost to you. The continued feeling of a low vibration will be a big ‘hope killer’ for you.

What to do instead: Let it go. The healing techniques of EFT or Matrix Reimprinting will help you release whatever it is so that it is no longer serving you. The feeling of anger may have given you a feeling of empowerment at one time, but it is a false empowerment.

These three killers of hope can only impact on you if you allow them to. Now that you know it is possible to overcome them, you can’t unknow it. Don’t let doubtfear and anger be the things that hold you back from living your best life.

You can be free of these things and get back to running your business from a place of empowerment, knowing that you deserve to have the best that life has to offer. A skilled EFT Practitioner or life-coach can help you to get things back into balance.

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