3 Areas You Can Waste a Lot of Time When You Start a Podcast


3 Areas You Can Waste a Lot of Time When You Start a Podcast

In case you haven’t read any of my other articles, I’m a lover of podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts for years, have created several of my own podcasts and I also create podcasts for business owners. Having worked in and with the medium for a number of years now, there are several places I see business owners wasting time and resources.

Here are my pearls of wisdom about the greatest time sucks in starting a podcast and what to do about them:

Podcast Name

Sure, it’s great to have a catchy, witty podcast name that tells people what to expect when they download your show. But seriously, I have spoken with way too many business owners who’ve put weeks of thought into the perfect name.

A podcast name is not going to make iTunes promote your show, it’s not going to help with website SEO and probably won’t do a lot to encourage people to download an episode.

Tip: Set a timer for 30 minutes and write down as many podcast names as you can in that time. Doesn’t matter how ridiculous, keep writing. At the end of 30 minutes, show the list to a couple of close friends, scratch out all the ones that make no sense and select the favourite from the list. There’s your podcast name.

Cover Art

No doubt it’s nice to have attractive artwork for your podcast. But much like the podcast name, it’s not going to influence iTunes and it doesn’t do anything with SEO so stop spending so much time and energy on it. I once had a client who asked for 13 revisions of the cover art until it was “just right”.

That many revisions and that much energy can often be a delay tactic to getting your podcast launched. Ask yourself if there is something else going on and address the underlying causes.

Tip: Keep the cover art in line with your business branding. If possible, use the same font and colour scheme as your business. Look up the iTunes Cover art requirements and get a graphic designer to come up with 3 options for you. Choose one… it really is that easy.


I see so many would-be podcasters spending hours trawling the net and social media groups asking the opinion of others on what equipment they need to get started.

Debating the nuances of mic quality when you’ve never used a mic before is quite honestly a complete waste of your time. No doubt good equipment will help with the audio quality but you don’t need to spend thousands on mixers and equalisers, sound proofing and editing software.

Tip: Purchase a decent mic. If you’re an Apple user I recommend Apogee, if you’re a PC user I’m told Blue Yeti is pretty good. Either way you’ll be spending around $300. That’s it… don’t do mixers etc, it’s overkill and you’ll get overwhelmed and not use any of it. Keep everything really simple until you become comfortable with the medium, then you can allow yourself to ‘level up’.

It’s always a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ when you’re starting anything new and podcasting is no different.

The above three mistakes are the ones that constantly catch out first time podcasters. At first glance they seem important but in fact there are other aspects that are far more important. Focus in the right places will yield you far superior results… but I’m going to cover what they are in the next article.

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  • Geoff Anderson

    Great tips Tracy. Also rather than getting bogged down on names and artwork, put it out to your community. The name for my book came from a group of us chatting. Someone suggested Shoot Me Now. I wasn’t sure, but everyone else loved it, so I figured if it works for them, then I’ll go with it.
    So next question (unless you’ve already written it) where should you spend your time when making a podcast?

  • Cate

    You have busted some myths for me Tracy. I thought it would cost me a “bomb” to get set up – now what other excuses can I think of – NONE! Thanks for the confidene boost 🙂

    • Tracy

      Love it Cate! Don’t let anything hold you back… get recording

      Cheers, Tracy

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