28 New Year’s Resolutions Your Customers Want You to Keep


28 New Year’s Resolutions Your Customers Want You to Keep

If you want your customers to rave about your business in 2017 then read this list and get to work. Some of it is what you need to do and some is what you must never do. But all of it is what customers of every business assess to decide if they will come back and bring all of their friends and family with them.

  1. Check the on-hold music. Not too loud and not too annoying
  2. Tidy up all customer areas. Untidy areas = perception of an untidy business
  3. Hire staff who enjoy interacting with customers. Sounds obvious but check at interview stage if they are genuine by asking what they like and dislike about interacting with customers. Their responses should give you great insight.
  4. Talk to your customers.  Pick up the phone and have a chat. Greet them in your workplace. Send an email just for them – not part of a monthly mail out.
  5. Talk to your staff. What do they need to provide better service? What stops them from providing consistently excellent service?
  6. Check out your competition. Do better.
  7. Inspect what you expect. Look and listen for ways to help your team or delight your customers.
  8. Embrace the complaint.  You can’t improve what you don’t know about.
  9. Surprise your customers. Give them a little something for nothing.
  10. Get social media savvy. Post, share and comment regularly.
  11. Encourage creativity. Ask staff what customers like or dislike and seek their ideas to do more, better, different or less.
  12. Reward customer loyalty. You can’t succeed without them.
  13. Develop easy processes. If it’s too hard to do business with you, customers will go elsewhere.
  14. Never ever lie to customers. Bad news is better than BS
  15. Look up. Eye contact shows respect and builds trust.
  16. Assess staff product/service knowledge. Regularly.
  17. Enforce a staff clothing standard. Neat, clean and well fitting.
  18. Have customer service standards. Make it easy for your team to succeed
  19. Have a complaints process. Record and review regularly.
  20. Have a compliments process. Record and reward regularly.
  21. Provide soft skill training. Staff with great soft skills provide great service
  22. Less haste and more care. Customers don’t remember how fast you did something but they remember how you made them feel when you did it.
  23. Thank your customers. Always.
  24. top staff chatter. Customers feel taken for granted if staff are too busy talking to provide service.
  25. Have a professional referral process. Reduce the need for customers to repeat themselves to different members of your team.
  26. Mix up the greeting. “Next please” is difficult to say all day long without it starting to sound scripted. Allow staff to be more personal and use their own greetings.
  27. Ban the phones. No private use of mobiles phones in the view of the customers – ever.
  28. Give your staff this book. “The A – Z of Service Excellence” (Shameless self-promotion I know but it’s what staff need to succeed and will save you hours of time training them.)

Welcome to 2017 – now go get stuff done and remember to have fun.

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