25 Ways to Grow Your Business and Delight Your Customers


25 Ways to Grow Your Business and Delight Your Customers

Small Business owners generally have bucket loads of passion for their business, but this passion can be a burden. Passion can make you want to do everything perfectly and that desire for perfection can slow you down and in some cases, render you inactive.

If you suffer “procrastination from perfectionism”, here’s 25 ways to kick start your confidence and have your customers lining up to do business with you:

1. Mind Map your business growth ideas. Put all your ideas on butcher’s paper or use a Mind Map App. (Google it).

2. Segment your ideas. Create 3 columns and segment your ideas; Do it, Delegate It, Delay It.

3. Do It – These are actions you can implement in the next 4 weeks that will generate positive customer engagement.

4. Delegate It. These are actions you can out source and will generate positive customer’s engagement in the next 4 weeks.

5. Delay it. These are ideas you will review in 4 weeks time. Keep them handy for next month.

6. Repeat. Mind map your ideas every month and repeat the 3 D’s process.

7. Courtesy Call your top customers. For no other reason than to see how they are going and if there is anything you can do for them. Sell nothing but your interest in them.

8. Mind Map your needs. Write down all the things you want to learn or improve that will grow you and your business.

9. Decide. Which of your needs is going to bring you more business? Park everything else and focus on that 1 goal.

10. Research. Find out what, when and how much time and money it will cost for you to achieve you goal. Be realistic. If it’s not going to happen, choose another goal.

11. Schedule. Put a date on when you will complete this goal.

12. Plan to succeed. Break the goal into mini goals and allocate milestone rewards to keep you motivated.

13. Spread the word. Tell someone your goal and ask them to hold you accountable.

14. Self Assess. Every week ask yourself this about your goal “Am I am track and if not, why not?” If you need help, ask.

15. Check out your competitors. Find out what they are doing well and do it better.

16. Give it away. Attract customers by giving them your knowledge for free; blogs/videos/photos/guides/lists/ideas/charts/brochures/diagrams.

17. Network.  Aim to engage with 1 new customer per week and learn about them. We build strong relationships by listening more than we talk.

18. Encourage creativity. Ask your team for suggestions on how to delight your customers.

19. Practise what you preach. If you want your team to provide great service, show them how.

20. Learn to say no. If the person, the process or the product is not serving you or your business well – let it go.

21. Learn to say yes. Less negative self-talk and more positive self -talk.

22. Surprise your customers.  Hand written notes, birthday wishes, events for loyal customers, learn their likes and dislikes, donate time or money to their favourite charities, know what they expect from your business and exceed those expectations.

23. Ask for referrals. Happy customers will be happy to promote your business. Create a flyer/brochure or special offer they can give to others.

24. Wrap problems in solutions. If your staff have a problem customer or a customer problem, ask them to bring the problem to you wrapped in a solution. Encourage staff to focus on solutions and this will reduce negativity.

25. Solve problems. Customer buy solutions. Present your products and services as solutions to customer problems and watch your sales grow.

If you have done something that has your customers raving about your business, I would love to know. Contact me or write a comment below as I would love to speak to you so I can shout your best practice from the roof tops, or at the very least I will write about it and share it with all Smallvillians.

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