5 Quick Ways You Can Bring Positivity Into Your Workplace


5 Quick Ways You Can Bring Positivity Into Your Workplace

Recently I delivered a 3-hour Customer Service Boot Camp to a team of school administrators. As I was setting up the training room, the School’s speaker system kicked into gear with Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” I started to smile and sing along and then before I knew it – I was dancing.

Straight after the song finished and as the training attendees were entering the room, the farm yard sounds of goats and chickens came over the speaker system. I giggled and wondered if one of the students had been let loose with the speaker system.

The School Business Manager explained that the music is a signal for the students that it’s time to go back to class and as the School has chickens and goats on-site, the animal noises are to remind those students on goat and chicken duty, to complete their chores. She also confirmed that music makes everyone, including the staff, smile and feel good.

She went on to explain that the School incorporated music and animals into their environment as both have a very positive effect on upset, distracted or emotional students. They have found that time out with the animals or listening to uplifting or calming music helps students to re-set their emotions so they can return to class focused and positive.

Business owners take note; if our schools are helping students to manage their emotions with music and animals and it also gives staff an injection of positivity and a sense of calm, then what are you providing to evoke these feelings in your workplace?

Maybe you can’t set up a chicken coop or a goat pen, and it will depend on what type of products and services you provide as to the suitability of music.

Here’re five ideas you might like to try to generate feelings of positivity and happiness in your workplace:

  1. Bring in a Fish Tank – or have a “fake tank” streaming via YouTube
  2. Have a TV/Screen showing pictures of loveable animals
  3. Allow staff to display photos of their pets
  4. For staff completing tasks that don’t require people interaction, provide headphones and a device so they can play music. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it might be appreciated by someone.
  5. Have music playing as staff enter a meeting – set the mood. The theme song to Jaws anyone? (Just kidding)

Not only will the above have a positive effect on your team, but your customers can also feel the benefits. Imagine a disgruntled customer coming in to complain, and the first thing they see is a genuinely happy and smiling employee ready to help them. A smile alone can help to reduce the stress of the unhappy customer but throw in a fish tank, and they may just roll over and let you scratch them on the belly – but that would be wrong – don’t do that.

I can’t guarantee music and animals will work with every customer, but most customers don’t love complaining and find it difficult to be rude to smiling and happy staff.

If you want a culture of positive and motivated staff who provide a consistently excellent level of service to each other and your customers, then create an environment that is positive and motivating.

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