15 Ways to Get More Customers Without Spending a Cent


15 Ways to Get More Customers Without Spending a Cent

We all want to keep our customers happy and some of us want or even need more customers but what most of us don’t have, is the budget to pay for a big (or small) marketing campaign. What you do have though is something no-one else does and it’s what will get your business lots of attention. It’s called passion and it’s highly addictive.

People are drawn to businesses who wrap their purchases in passion.

Lost your passion? It’s not like a sock, if you take a moment you will find it. So, if you need to, take that moment now. Go and find yourself a beautiful piece of paper and your favourite pen and dig into that creative mind of yours and touch base with why you started your business. Write those thoughts down. Treat those thoughts with the respect they deserve as this is your WHY.

Now with that WHY in mind, get to work:

  1. Keep your WHY handy. Have it where you can read it daily.
  2. Do your staff know your WHY? Tell them.
  3. Do your staff know their WHY? Ask them to identify what’s in it for them to treat every customer like gold.
  4. Ask your best customers their WHY. Why do they keep coming back?
  5. Repeat. Make sure every customer gets what your best customers love.
  6. Is your WHY visible to prospective customers? Make it clear on your website/brochures/social media/wrapping paper/receipts/menus.
  7. Ask for new business. Your best customers will happily spread the word if you make it easy for them i.e. Create a special offer for them to share.
  8. Encourage creativity. Ask staff to tell you what they think will delight your customers. Thank them and do what you can.
  9. Implement a Complaints and Compliments Register. Ask staff to write all feedback from customers into the register – an exercise book will do.
  10. Review the register every week. It will contain everything you need to do more, better, different or less for your customers
  11. Implement WOW of the week. Staff to share with your team 1 thing they did or noticed other staff do, that provided a WOW experience for your customers.
  12. Make customer service excellence the standard. Review what you do and then ask, how could we improve this? Never stop asking that question.
  13. Follow your customers who run a business. (Not literally). Follow and like their business on-line posts. Show interest in their business and they will show interest in yours (and you will be reaching their customers too.)
  14. Solve problems. Ask your staff what they need to provide a better level of service.
  15. Solve more problems. How do your products or services solve customers’ problems? People buy solutions – sell solutions, not products or services.

If you want a business that staff love working in and your customers love to tell everyone about, then you need to put your WHY into your business. You can share it as your Mission and/or Vision statements. If you want to see what it can look like, check out my WHY.

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