13 Tips to Make Sure Your Clients Are Happy


13 Tips to Make Sure Your Clients Are Happy

The title says it all, so here are my happy client tips:

1. Say what you’re going to do and then do it.

It’s not that hard, but so many businesses can’t reach even this simple standard.

2. Do a great job.

Again, this is the minimum standard for running a thriving business. And, reread this point; it doesn’t say do a ‘good’ job, it says, do a ‘great’ job.

3. Stay in touch.

I have a simple theory about communications with our clients. If at any point in their project they have to contact us to find out where their project is at, then we’ve stuffed up. At every step we keep our clients informed; even if there’s no major news, I still often shoot an author a quick email and let them know what we’re currently up to on their book. I also sometimes randomly ring up an author just to see how everything is going and if there’s anything I can help them with.

4. Do the little stuff.

The little stuff is making sure you read their emails carefully and reply appropriately. The little stuff is always returning calls quickly. The little stuff is connecting your clients with the right people if they have a problem you can’t solve. The little stuff is making sure your invoices are detailed and accurate and have a due date on them.

5. Give them some bonuses along the way.

We all know little extra things often crop up during a project. If a client asks for some small extra that will take you or your team 20 minutes, do it for them at no cost and do it graciously. Your clients will really appreciate it.

6. Give them a person to contact.

Make sure your clients know who to call if they want to talk to somebody.

7. Stay in touch after the project is finished.

Don’t boot your clients out the door once their project is complete.

8. Ask them what they need.

Again, simple; every client is different. So, make sure you understand exactly what each of your clients needs and what they are trying to achieve in working with you.

9. Be honest.

If you can’t do something, say so. Don’t agree to a deadline you know is unrealistic, and then fail to deliver or deliver a shoddy result because you rushed.

10. Come clean if you stuff something up.

Immediately. Every business makes mistakes at some point; we have. If I’m working with a company and they make a mistake, it usually doesn’t worry me too much. What I’m really interested in is how they handle it. That’s what will determine whether I work with them again. (Of course, if they stuff something else up next time I’m probably not coming back.)

11. Deliver on budget.

You’re the expert; you provided the quote. If it’s wrong, that’s your fault; not the clients.

12. Be approachable.

One of my pet hates as a client is dealing with a business that makes me feel as though I am bothering them. You know the ones. It’s just crazy. The person you’re talking to always sounds as though they have something more important to do than talk to you. I want my clients to be keen to call me because they know they will get helpful advice and we’re really easy to deal with.

13. Be understanding.

We had a client a while ago who went through a difficult personal situation and couldn’t pay the final bill on time. Rather than getting tough, which wouldn’t have helped the client or us, we’ve worked with this client to pay the bill over time.

Without your clients, you don’t have a business. So, look after them, or soon you won’t have to worry about customer service at all.

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