10 Small Ways to Shop Big This Christmas


10 Small Ways to Shop Big This Christmas

No matter how frugal you are, Christmas is one occasion when most of us spend a little more than usual.

So, if we’ll be spending money anyway, we may as well make it count in a big way for Small Businesses.

Each year I try to purchase items that won’t only be appreciated by the recipient, but also by the person I’ve purchased from. Almost every year I’ll buy something from Oxfam or fair-trade stores, but it’s also an opportunity to support my local community.

The Small Business owners we rely on to ‘be there’ week after week, take a hit over Christmas when shoppers opt for the major shopping centres where they can do all their shopping in one place. So, purchasing small and local is another way to make an impact.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Shop local.

Keeping dollars in our local community is a great way of giving twice. Small Business owners usually live close-by, and in turn, support other businesses and services within the local area. If we’re conscious of where we spend our money, we can make a difference. Local gift stores, fruit and veg stores and farmers markets are a great way to buy for Christmas.

  •  Shop small.

If you can’t shop local, do the next best thing and shop small. Support a Small Business whenever you can. Unlike the bigger chain stores, every single purchase makes a difference in the life of a small enterprise.

  • Online local.

Online shopping is so convenient that one year, I did my entire Christmas gift shopping and meal prep without leaving the house. However, it’s not just the big names that sell online. Check out your local businesses to see who has an online facility, and you might be surprised.

  • Recommend.

If you’ve purchased from a Small Business before or know of a product that would make a great gift, social media makes it so easy to let people know.

  • Share posts.

Rather than scroll past posts from local shops and Small Businesses, give them a like or a compliment in the comments, or even share it with your contacts to get it in front of some new eyes.

  • Buy from people you know.

Each of us has contacts who are running businesses or selling products online. Christmas is a great time to consider if someone on your friends list has a product that would suit someone on your gift list.

  • Christmas celebrations.

From mid-November to the first few days in January, most of us are swept up in gatherings with family, friends and work colleagues. If you’re a parent, you’ll also have the end of year parties for everything from school to sporting clubs. So, whenever you have some say in choosing a venue, try to choose a business where your group booking will make the most difference.

  • Shopping catch-ups.

The next few weeks are a popular time to catch up with friends before the silly season actually descends, so choose a café in a row of local shops and make a point of wandering along together afterwards. You could even send out an open invitation for coffee and shopping to see who else wants in.

  • Be unique.

One of the best things about buying from artists and creatives is that many of their products are unique in design, or completely original. Buying from these types of shops, almost guarantees the recipient won’t get two gifts the same.

  • Selfies.

Take a picture with your friends while you’re out shopping and tag the store. Say something nice or let the picture do the talking and help with a bit of free promotion.

People often comment on how commercial Christmas has become, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mindful purchases, bring the focus back to giving, and that’s definitely worth celebrating.

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