10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Monitor Your Mental Health


10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Monitor Your Mental Health

Don’t be taken by surprise: it’s so important to monitor your mental health. 

Business. Is. Hard. We all know that. It’s why we all enjoy hanging out with other business owners so much. Because they understand. They really understand. Your friends with a regular job might say they understand or think they understand. But they don’t. 

The sleepless nights. The worry that one mistake will undo all your hard work. Having to keep up to date about so many things and learn about so many areas that don’t come naturally to you. And even when it’s all going well, the fear that trouble is always lurking.

With all the hard work and pressure we are under every day, it can be so easy to let both your physical and mental health slip. So, if you have concerns that your wellbeing might be in a danger zone, here are ten questions to ask yourself. They will help you monitor your mental health as well as detect whether you are motoring along okay or could be headed for trouble.

1. Am I sleeping poorly most nights? 

This can be either trouble getting to sleep or waking up during the night. Sure, we all have the odd night here and there when we can’t stop thinking about a problem, or we’re worried about a big meeting the next day. But ongoing problems with sleep are a sign of bigger issues. 

2. Am I often in a bad mood? 

If you’re in a bad mood all day, every day, it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing, because that’s not a sustainable way to operate. Are you not enjoying the work? Are you working too many hours? Or are you taking on the wrong clients or types of projects?

3. Do I find it hard to get out of bed? 

Feeling like it’s a significant effort just to get out of bed every day can be a sign of depression (which is often worse in the mornings). If you’re hitting the snooze button not just because you want a few extra minutes sleep but rather because you really can’t face the day, you may be heading for trouble. 

4. Do I always think the worst is going to happen? 

Yes, bad things can and do happen. But feeling certain that the worst possible outcome is going to occur in every situation is a sign of both depression and anxiety.

5. Do I find it hard to make decisions? 

This goes beyond the usual procrastination that we all feel from time to time. If you’re struggling with your mental health, making any decision – big or small – can feel truly overwhelming. 

6. Is my job performance declining? 

If you’ve started making more errors than you usually do, or you just generally feel that you are not performing up to your usual high standard, it’s a good sign you need a break to rest both your body and your mind.

7. Am I finding it difficult to concentrate? 

Poor concentration is another sign of depression and anxiety. When we are constantly worried and feeling overwhelmed, it’s difficult to focus.

8. Have I stopped enjoying things?

A sure sign of mental health issues is that you’ve stopped enjoying things that you know should make you happy. Have you stopped enjoying your Friday night drink with your mates? Stopped looking forward to your weekly basketball game? 

9. Have I started eating significantly more or less? 

Large changes in appetite often come with mental health issues. 

10. Am I getting angry very easily? 

If you find that you’re going from calm to wanting to punch somebody in the face very quickly and with very little reason, that should ring alarm bells. Yes, like most of the issues here, an occasional or one-off problem is probably nothing to be concerned about. But if you’re constantly on edge and easy to anger, that’s another sign of mental health issues. 

Being able to monitor your mental health is the first step to positive change.

If you’re experiencing some of the above, it’s time to think hard about whether your current lifestyle is having an adverse impact on your mental health. It’s time to think about whether you need some help, or even just somebody to talk to.

If you are experiencing a majority or all of the above, I’d suggest it’s time to get some help. Now.

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