The 10 Commandments of Small Business Digital


The 10 Commandments of Small Business Digital

We all know the 10 Commandments were designed to be a set of rules to live by. If you want to be effective with digital in your Small Business, here are the foundations or digital rules to live by.

1. Thou shalt use technology to thy advantage and not for the sake of it

Digital technology is great but shouldn’t be used just for the sake of it. You need to have a business case or a reason to include a new platform or piece of technology. A good example is mobile apps that really added no value to the customer experience. Technology needs to add value, have a purpose and most importantly, add to the customer experience or refine an internal process to make it more efficient.

2. Thou shalt start with the digital basics

One of the biggest mistakes I see many businesses make is overcomplicating digital. The KISS principle applies so start with the basics and build on this foundation. The basic requirement is a responsive website. This is where potential customers will find you and because you own this piece of digital real estate you have full control over your content and the types of information you share with your audience.  What other digital basics your business requires will vary depending on what assets you have already.

3. Thou shalt always put your customers first

Everything you do starts with your customer. They should be at the heart of strategy and all of your digital tactics. You need to know and understand who they are, what digital channels they are using, how they want to consume content and their pain points. You cannot create content or marketing material without fully understanding who your audience is so it is very important to take the time and develop personas that will help you have relevant personal conversations with them.

4. Thou shalt set metrics & measure results

You need to set KPI’s and have objectives to be a success when implementing digital tactics.  Your KPI’s should align with your overall marketing objectives so you can measure what is relevant. The great thing about digital is that you can measure everything you do. This allows you to review and determine where you need to make changes to improve or refine your marketing messages.

5. Thou shalt look at your data

To help you improve your results you need to be looking at your data every week at minimum. You can find valuable data and customer insights by looking at your Google Analytics and social media insights. This will give you an accurate snapshot of your audience, their habits and how they are interacting with your business.

6. Thou shalt outsource to experts

You cannot be good at everything so seek advice from specialists. Focus on what you are good at and outsource the tasks you are not. A specialist can do it faster and better than you can do it yourself, so it is money well spent.

7. Thou shalt use the many free digital tools available to be more effective

There is a digital tool or app to help you with just about everything in your business. These apps and tools will save you time, money and resources. They are usually low cost and simple to use so take advantage of some of the very clever technology that is there for you to use.

8. Thou shalt leverage marketing opportunities across many digital channels

Traditional and digital marketing should be done in conjunction with one another, and ‘tradigital’ marketing should share similar messages across channels so your audience can easily identify it and follow the obvious path to purchase.

9. Thou shalt educate myself

As a business owner, you need have some core knowledge in all areas of your business. This will help when you engage specialists as you will have some idea of what needs to be done. Make sure to schedule time on your calendar for regular learning. There are many opportunities for learning with workshops, online courses, blog articles, fact sheets, ebooks and emails as a starting point.

10. Thou shalt understand that I must be using digital technology or I will get left behind

Digital is not a choice in business; it is a necessity. Your customers are driving these changes and are demanding that you be on their digital channels of choice if you want their business. As Business Thought Leader, Marie Forleo says, “No matter what industry you are in, you need to leverage the internet if you want to compete. You cannot get away from it! You can bury your head in the sand and watch your business fail because you are stuck in a time warp or you’re going to educate yourself”.

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