Do You Want to Be a More Engaging Public Speaker?


Do You Want to Be a More Engaging Public Speaker?

Imagine: “You walk on stage, it’s the speech of your life, you start out great. You pose a question and wait for the reply. Only to hear ‘that’ sound; crickets chirping! Nooooo…”

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. You can absolutely engage your audience and make them feel alive. It’s all in the way that you interact with them.

Here are 3 secrets on how you can engage your audience with public speaking:

Secret 1 – Value.

INAY-IAYA = It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Audience!

So, get to know them. Make a mindset shift. Find out whatever you can about your audience. I’m not talking about waiting until you are on stage in front of your audience. I mean before that, in whatever way shape or form that you can!

Become a detective-like sleuth. You may be wondering, where? Try social media, your point of contact in the firm, research their website and their industry. Get creative, talk to people, invite them for coffee, dig, dig, dig. Then dig a little more.

Use the information you find to tailor your presentation. They will be forever grateful if you can demonstrate you can help them. In a meaningful way. To do this, all you need to do is find out who they are, what makes them tick, what is important to them, and put your content into their frame of reference, so it is relevant to them.

You’ll be amazed at what you can find when you channel your inner Angela Lansbury!

Secret 2 – Voice.

You are ‘fabulous’ darling! I really mean it. You have an amazing tool, called your voice. You just may not realise it, because no-one ever told you that you can croon like Frank Sinatra or sing in the whistle register like Mariah Carey. The point here is that you can use this amazing tool that you have to connect with your audience in a way that brings your content to life, makes it engaging and fun for them.

I mean, did you know that your voice has greater range than any instrument? We underestimate this when we are public speaking. It’s criminal! Think about your foundation vocal elements of tone, pitch, pace, melody and volume. These can all be used to great effect. Record your voice, listen and evaluate where you can improve in each of these vocal elements.

You can use your voice to bring your content to life. Add life, enthusiasm, variety, seriousness, brilliance using your voice!

Secret 3 – Veritas.

Have a personality! It sounds strange but do consider this. People get on stage and all of a sudden, become someone else. It’s bizarre! Who says we should become ‘podium man’ and lose our personality on the way to the stage? Make it easy for your audience to engage, listen and enjoy. Be you and have fun!

I can share with you that one speaker I have heard won me over purely with her ‘amazing’, infectious personality. I’m not kidding! I went in adamant that I would not buy into a new program, but I was compelled to buy. I trusted she was going to give me the same results that she had shared with us in the audience that day.

Don’t underestimate this one.  The power of being ‘you’ on stage. It’s the way of the future.

Once you apply these 3 secrets to your public speaking, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • When you make your public speaking all about the audience, your audience will feel closer to you, trust you more and invite you back.
  • You’ll engage your audience through your voice, the carrier of your unique sound.
  • You’ll connect more through being and bringing out more you and allowing your audience to get to know and ultimately fall in love with you!

Embrace it now, and forever hold your ‘piece of mind’ and don’t forget, have some fun!

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