Smartsheet Smarty Pants


Smartsheet Smarty Pants

A Smartsheet novice, I’m already concurrently in love with its simplicity, and in awe of its complexity for helping me keep track of so many facets of my work.

I currently work across a range of real estate sectors: property development, management, marketing and sales. The roles are wide and varied and can include any or all of the following:

  • Co-ordination of a calendar of activities across multiple properties.
  • Day-to-day property maintenance.
  • Contractor and internal team management.
  • Renovation of pre-loved properties.
  • Construction of new properties.
  • Marketing events and advertising.
  • Resident records management.
  • Residential sales.

Smartsheet can manage all of this with finesse! Smartsheet can provide basic or sophisticated analytical data to help me manage each process, easily.

It’s as simple as a spreadsheet and far more sophisticated than any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software I’ve personally experienced. Your entry level team members will be able to start using it from their first day in the role. Their enthusiasm for using it to its maximum capability will grow exponentially as they go on their own journey of discovery exploring its potential.

Collaborate, automate and delegate with ease.

Smartsheet makes my life easier with everything in one place including client records, communication flow from all team members, emails, quotes and get this; invoices pertaining to any specific project can all be linked to the project! This really is a piece of technology which knows what its users want and delivers.

But wait! There’s more … This program manages the sales process from enquiry through to sale and handover and yes, all in one place! Do you need event/project planning from concept through action, execution, tracking progress and post-project evaluation? Smartsheet has it all in one place. What else does it have, all in one place? Collaboration with other team members and there are various options for viewing projects … And I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Reporting analytics are second to none but remember garbage in, garbage out.

As long as all team members input quality data, what you receive out will tell you so much more about your business than you could have imagined ‘pre-Smartsheet’. Just remember though, the analytics are only as good as the accuracy of the data entered.

If you create a CRM and list drop down options for say ‘enquiry source’ and your team members don’t ask the question of their prospect, and subsequently, don’t enter accurate information, then, of course, your report will have little integrity and be of no value. As with all software programs, training is an essential component for ensuring it’s used to gain most bang for your business’ buck.

Using Smartsheet and growing with it is easy. Ensuring all team members use it properly will be your biggest challenge in the early days until they see how much value they’ll get out of it in their own roles. It saves time by helping streamline processes, collating information and providing more accurate reporting. It can help identify problems early and resolve issues quickly when everyone is on board with its value.

If you’ve been using and trying to integrate multiple platforms to manage your workflow, I strongly recommend you take a look at Smartsheet. It may save you both time and money, and you can even try it for free.  Pricing options appear to be very affordable too once you do decide you love it.

I am very fortunate to have come into a workplace where it has been used for some time, and I’m sure refined and improved upon already. I’m looking forward to learning more and seeing what else it already does and what else I can make it do to make management of my workload easier and more effective.

The honeymoon is not yet over! And I’m not even on the Smartsheet payroll!

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