Rediscover the Joy of Retailing


Rediscover the Joy of Retailing

There’s a reasonable argument against micro-niching and specialising and if there’s one place an alternative view on the subject could be valid, it’s in retailing.

I often think we’ve become too focused and too systemised to the point that we are simply not having fun anymore and at the end of the day isn’t that what we all want?

More fun? More joy out of life? Less stress? A morning or afternoon delight that takes us away from our daily troubles and grind? I suspect I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Shopping has become a daily grind. Sales people who ‘make your day’ are fewer and farther between. We’ve tightened our belts so tight we are screaming in pain…and it shows.

If your staff aren’t enjoying themselves when they come to work every day, you’ll have a tough time getting them to put some joy into the lives of your customers.

Your store can become a magnet for magic.

Create a fun experience that will have your team buzzing…truly buzzing. The pure energy you can create when you put some effort into having fun will have a flow on effect that will draw more customers and your store will surely become a magnet for magic.

It’s a no brainer for food or alcohol retailers to offer free tastings to attract customers to buy more product. Likewise, for other products such as beauty/skin care, home care products to provide free services such as a make-over or free take home samples.

Turn those giveaway experiences into events. Don’t just shove the food samples into the face of every passing shopper or quietly sneak the free product samples into their bag and say nothing.

Use it as an excuse to have a true interaction with your customer. Make the effort to give them a joyful experience they’ll still be taking about when they get home.

As long as you don’t end up selling their product and not yours, partnering can work well.

What’s this I hear you say? It won’t work in my business? Wrong.

Your business may need to be a little more creative, but giving something away for nothing will always attract more customers. Consider partnering with another business or contacting your supplier for freebies to give away to leverage your offer and cut down on costs. As long as you don’t end up selling their product and not yours, partnering can work well as you gain additional value from your partner’s customer base.

Once you have captivated your audience, be prepared with an incentive for them to purchase now. Tyre kickers aside, a well thought out strategy will produce greater nett results. Confident and well-trained staff can be inspired to turn more of those tyre kickers into buyers.

Engage professionals to help you during peak trading times. Inspire your staff to get creative during the quieter times.

Analyse, truly analyse your sales figures. If possible hour by hour.

Capitalise on peak trading periods and engage professionals to help you and inspire your staff to get creative during the quieter times.

Food and product demonstration, spruiking and MC’ing is a skill. Skilled professionals can and do generate thousands of dollars in additional sales when they are given the right tools to help you.

Your staff need to be behind the counter selling during peak trading periods. Engage a professional demonstrator for front of store to draw the attention of your potential customers.

On quieter days and or quieter periods throughout the day, your own team members can be trained and confident enough to have fun and get out there themselves to demonstrate, spruik, offer free samples, red light or offer 5 minute specials.

Become a magnet for magic and help turn this downturn in an upward direction.  Loosen your belt, trust your instincts, talk to your team, create your own upturn and put the joy back into retail.

Let’s have some fun.

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