My Post-holiday Funk Action Plan


My Post-holiday Funk Action Plan

One of the best things about your business maturing is being able to walk away for a few days and take a break. But what happens when you come back to a post-holiday funk?

We saw it this year as we worked through the Christmas/New Year period. As usual our local business world shut down. Then it seemed to take forever to wake up. The start of January came and went. The end of January. Then the start of February. The public holidays didn’t help either!

Businesses, including ours, were starting to struggle wondering if the holiday period was ever going to come to an end. Finally, things picked up again towards the end of March … and then it was Easter.

Over Easter we took our family camping. It was only a couple of days and it was close to home. But after an intense few months, it was enough to put both my husband and myself into a post-holiday funk.

The world started up around us. Suppliers reopened, school went back and our inboxes were full but we still felt half asleep.

As our lives get busier and more stressful, bouncing back from down time is getting more difficult. So it’s time to start planning for your post-holiday funk. Expect it, and have a strategy in place for your first day back in the office. Luckily for us, I’d done just that …

Post-Holiday Funk Action Plan:

1. Change Your Outlook. 

You just got back to the office and now I’m going to tell you to grab your laptop and get back out! Changing your outlook can drastically increase energy levels and productivity. Head to a café and grab a coffee or find a relaxing space where you can plan and review.

2. Review Your To Do List.

Over Easter we made ourselves available to take calls and put out fires but I was completely out of touch with my to do list. If you’ve been away, chances are you haven’t looked at yours for a while either.

But you know, distance is a funny thing. It provides perspective and what may have seemed like top priority before you went away, can suddenly seem not so urgent. Now is a great time to review and rewrite your to do list and set new intentions.

3. Touch Base with your Customers and Clients.

For me, one of the biggest indicators of a post-holiday funk is feeling distant and disconnected. The fastest way to reconnect, is to, reconnect.

Once your to-do list is sorted, pick up the phone and call your customers and clients. Enquire about their holidays or ask them if there’s anything they need. Just have a conversation.

4. Tidy or rearrange your space.

To do list done. Customer contact made, it’s time to head back and deal with your work space.

I’m messy by nature and worse when I’m busy. But working in a messy space can make it hard to breathe, much less be productive.

If you’re naturally neat consider making some adjustments. Get some new artwork or greenery. Or change the layout of your space.

Don’t lose weeks trying to get yourself back from a post-holiday funk. Plan for it. All it takes is one day and a few simple steps to clear the clutter and get back on top of your workload.

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