How One Angry Phone Call Can Disrupt Your Business


How One Angry Phone Call Can Disrupt Your Business

‘Customer experience’ and ‘customer journey’ are the new buzzwords in business and we need to sit up and take notice.

Have you thought about what happens at every single point that your customer, and potential customer, has anything to do with your business?

It is worth thinking about. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to think you have this nailed but in fact, you have not.

I’ve been receiving a weekly delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats which I absolutely love. My delivery man is cheery, always with a smile and something positive to say. All in all, a great customer experience.

But my experience was shattered in just one phone call.

My account had been debited twice, and when I went back over my statement, this had also happened once previously. I telephoned the accounts department to explain my problem and asked them to look into it. That’s when I encountered the angry accounts person.

I was spoken to like a fool, with the feeling of ‘how dare I question my account’. Her response was that this was impossible to happen with the way the system was set up. I had to wait and listen to all the reasons why it could not have happened.

But, it had happened, and my statement proved it. Seriously this could have been resolved so quickly and easily had she stopped, listened and remembered that she was also part of the customer experience.

She had given me a bad customer experience where I felt angry and was seriously considering cancelling my order. Imagine if I had taken to social media and shared my experience (I didn’t but remember how bad experiences shared can go viral in minutes)

No matter how great your lead up is in the buyer’s experience, followed by a great sales experience, all this can come undone if you don’t have this mindset embedded as a discipline throughout your entire business, including the back-office.

How can you make sure every team member is focused on what is best for your customer?

The number 1 rule first and foremost – it must be leader driven. This means that the business owner and the managers must believe this and demonstrate this every single day. Successful businesses monitor their back-office as they do their customer facing functions. Refining customer transactions and communications whilst tweaking as needed for efficiency in cost and service whilst still providing that ‘wow’ customer experience.

Map your customer experience.

Get all your team involved. Show your love to the back-office team who usually are forgotten when it comes to brainstorming and planning.

Now process map the customer experience around your business. On a large whiteboard or paper write down every single touch point your customer experiences. This includes when they first experience any of your marketing, read a blog post, listen to a presentation, maybe a podcast. Then write down each step until they purchase, use your services or product and complete the journey.

Brainstorm how the customer feels at each of these touchpoints and ask, “Would you enjoy it?” Then make the changes where necessary.

Important note.

After you have mapped and refined your customer journey, don’t forget to map the return customer journey. Remember you want raving fans for life.

Innovative small businesses are creating customer experience mindsets for themselves and throughout their team. They are adopting guidelines to drive real change through every function of their business.

Embedding a great customer experience throughout your business just makes good business sense.

However, this is only the start. It is not just about customer experience but being customer-centric. Having a customer-centric culture that is embedded as a discipline. It is part of your DNA.

It’s the new playing field when there’s so much ‘sameness’ in the market place today. The business owners that have a strong customer-centric approach will have the competitive edge in today’s crowded market.

What is customer-centricity?

Over the next few months, I will uncover what customer-centricity is, what the 8 disciplines are and how to embed it into your business.

I would love for you to share your insights on ‘customer experience’ and the ‘customer journey’.

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